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Position Description


The official worldwide humanitarian organization of the Catholic community in the United States is called Catholic Relief Services. Without regard to race, creed, or nationality, CRS works to save, protect, and improve lives in need in more than 100 countries. Through initiatives in disaster response, HIV, health, agriculture, education, microfinance, and peacebuilding, CRS carries out its humanitarian and development efforts.

In 1958, CRS began working in Ghana; today, it has extensive programming in the fields of gender, financial inclusion, migration, health, WASH, youth development, and livelihoods and agriculture. Therefore, CRS is carrying out a number of projects within these primary program areas. The Agriculture, Livelihoods and Landscape program portfolio includes the Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth (HAPPY) project. The project strives to provide employment possibilities for the youth, especially young women, in agriculture and related sectors by mobilizing young men and women across agricultural value chains including soya, rice, and chicken. The Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocesan Development Office, Tamale Archdiocesan Development Office, Yendi Diocesan Development Office, Damongo Diocesan Development Office, the Farmer Training Center in Bolgatanga, the Regional and District Departments of Agriculture, and other pertinent organizations are partners with CRS under the agriculture portfolio. To accomplish the project’s objectives, the Senior Project Officer (SPO) will collaborate closely with the partners and pertinent stakeholders.

Job Description:

As a Senior Project Officer for the team working on the Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth project, you will support the achievement of project goals by organizing and reporting on all project activities, giving staff and the implementing partner(s) technical direction and advice, and advancing Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) work on behalf of the poor and vulnerable. Your ability to coordinate tasks and manage relationships will guarantee that the project for which you are accountable follows best practices and continuously aims to increase the impact of its advantages for the people we serve.

Fluency in both English and a local language in the project’s geographic goals is a must.

Travel – The candidate must be able and willing to travel up to 25% of the time.

Information, abilities, and skills

skills in analysis and problem-solving combined with the capacity for informed judgment

Strong interpersonal connections abilities and the capacity to collaborate effectively with regional partners

proactive, focused on results, and customer-focused

Executing assigned tasks with correctness, punctuality, and attention to detail

Preferred Requirements

  • experience with collaborative planning, community involvement, and working with partners.
  • Experience in staff supervision is a bonus.
  • knowledge of maintaining projects and gathering pertinent information.
  • knowledge of Microsoft Windows and the Office suites (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Agency REDI Competencies (applicable to all CRS Personnel):
  • Agency competencies define the attitudes and actions that are expected of all employees. When practiced, they foster a positive work environment, support staff in being their best selves, and aid CRS in achieving agency objectives. Each employee uses these to carry out their duties and produce the necessary results. They are based on the goal, values, and guiding principles of CRS.
  • Personal accountability is the act of consistently accepting accountability for one’s own deeds.
  • Acts with Integrity – Consistently exemplifies values that are in line with the mission and guiding principles of CRS. is regarded as sincere.
  • Establishes and Maintains Trust – Displays consistency in both words and deeds.
  • Works well in multicultural and diverse teams while collaborating with others.
  • Open to Learning – Looks for opportunities to learn new ideas or experiences that might alter perspective.

Agency Leadership Skills:

  • Lead Change – Constantly seeks to enhance the organization by fostering an environment of innovation, openness, and agility.
  • Builds the capacity of workers to realize their full potential and improve team and organization performance.
  • Strategic Mindset – Recognizes role in interpreting, conveying, and putting agency strategy and team priorities into practice.
  • Project officers have supervisory responsibilities.

Important Collaborations:

Internal: Senior Project MEAL Officer, HAPPY Project Manager, Agric Program Manager, Head of Programming

External: District stakeholders, Field Agents, and more international organizations

***Our mission and daily operations are centered on our Catholic identity. The United States Bishops’ commitment to aiding the impoverished and vulnerable abroad is carried out via Catholic Relief Services. People of all faiths and secular traditions are welcome to join our workforce if they share our beliefs and dedication to helping those in need. Processes and procedures at CRS are a reflection of our dedication to preventing abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable individuals.

Disclaimer: The obligations, responsibilities, duties, and tasks related with the employment are not all listed in this job description.

Our dedication to preventing abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable individuals is reflected in the talent acquisition practices used by CRS.

Candidates who are citizens or legal residents of the nations where CRS has offices are given priority.

Equal Opportunity Employer: CRS


Functions and Major Responsibilities:

  • Organize and take the lead in carrying out all assigned project operations in accordance with the needs of donors, the comprehensive implementation plan, and CRS program quality standards.
  • Throughout the project cycle, make sure learning is adequately integrated into project activities. By coordinating project assessment activities and assisting partners in their attempts to reflect on project experiences, you may support accountability. To inform changes to plans and implementation timetables, analyze implementation issues and report any discrepancies or gaps.
  • To organize local actors and promote project activities and impact, coordinate and manage working relationships with all local project stakeholders and act as their point of contact with the project team.
  • To ensure prompt project activity implementation and adherence to defined process standards and procedures, supervise and carry out ad hoc inspections of various processes and resources at project sites. Ensure accurate resource tracking for project activities through regular budget reviews, follow-up with the implementing partner, and assistance.
  • In order to make sure that assigned project activities are carried out in accordance with project guidelines and standards, support and coordinate capacity building and technical support activities.
  • Manage the distribution of any logistical and administrative assistance to employees and partners.
  • Make sure the project paperwork is comprehensive for the assigned activities, includes all necessary documents, and is filed in accordance with agency and donor criteria. aid in the creation of reports on trends analysis and the archiving of successful examples and best practices.

Qualifications for HAPPY Project Senior Project Officer (Ghanaian Nationals Only) Accra | Ghana job

Qualifications requisite

  • Bachelor’s degree is necessary. Degrees in project management, development studies, agriculture, agribusiness development, or international relations would be advantageous.
  • a minimum of 4 years of project support work experience, ideally for an NGO and in the areas of development management, agriculture, and project management.
  • Education may be replaced in some cases with further experience.

Job Information

Job Reference Number 3000898

Position Type Program Management

Bachelor’s Degree as Degree Level

Job Schedule Permanent

Working Day

Locations Tamale, Northern, GH (on-site), and RC46/829

Senior Project Officer, MEAL-HAPPY Project (Only Ghanaian Nationals)

You will be responsible for working with the project team(s) to establish and meet project-level learning objectives, make sure the project complies with MEAL policies and procedures, and create action plans to raise the bar for project level MEAL performance as the lead for implementing monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) initiatives for the HAPPY Project. The Senior Project Officer-MEAL’s responsibilities also encompass, but are not limited to: creating standardized data collection tools and database systems, gathering data frequently, confirming reported results, analyzing and presenting findings and project progress, putting in place project accountability mechanisms, and giving feedback to partners. The Senior Project Officer-MEAL will make sure that processes are in place to assess the effectiveness and development of programs and that data is easily accessible to serve as the basis for implementing programmatic changes and making evidence-based decisions.

Project Managers – HAPPY Project (Only Ghanaians)

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