Gender And Protection Officer Job Vacancy In Dnipro Ukraine


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Organization: Mercy Corps Gender & Protection Officer, Dnipro or Odesa, Ukraine

nation: Ukraine

Dnipro, Ukraine, as the field

Mercy Corps’ Dnipro office

Gender And Protection Officer Job Vacancy In Dnipro Ukraine


Regarding Mercy Corps

The motivation for Mercy Corps is the conviction that a better world is attainable. To accomplish this, we know that diverse teams where everyone feels included produce the best work. We value diversity in backgrounds, viewpoints, and abilities because it makes us stronger and more likely to make a lasting impression.

Program Overview

Since the beginning of the major conflict in Ukraine in February 2022, Mercy Corps has been reacting. In order to help refugees in neighboring countries and internally displaced persons satisfy their basic survival needs, the team is offering emergency support to both groups. Additionally, we provide funding to regional organizations who have a strong understanding of the local area and are proactively addressing its most pressing needs.

Under LIVES 2.0, Mercy Corps will continue to collaborate with CSO partners to provide a comprehensive package of emergency assistance to the most vulnerable conflict-affected people and communities in Ukraine, building on the accomplishments and lessons learned of the original Locally led, Inclusive and Versatile Emergency Support to Conflict Affected Populations in Ukraine and Poland program (LIVES). Mercy Corps and its local partners intend to provide over 80,000 people with emergency cash, protection, and other humanitarian supplies, with a focus on those most in need in frontline, recently de-occupied, or difficult-to-reach locations. Giving local partners the tools they need to increase their leadership, expertise, and capacity to deliver the humanitarian response is another key goal of LIVES 2.0. The final result is that “The most vulnerable conflict-affected Ukrainians are enabled to meet their basic needs through rapid, localized, and appropriate humanitarian assistance, delivered in a gender, age, and ability responsive way.”

General Position Description

In order to support program protection efforts and advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion across all sectoral responses and operations, the Gender & Protection Officer will concentrate on partner activities. In order to ensure high-quality programming that will advance gender equality and women’s/girls’ empowerment as well as age- and ability-appropriate support through cash and non-cash programming and ensure no harm is done, this involves supporting and providing technical assistance to Mercy Corps program initiatives. The incumbent will report technically to the Protection Advisor while being directly under the direction of the Area Manager in charge of the area.

Through consultations with local actors, community members, and other colleagues, the role will support the promotion of safe, dignified, and inclusive access to our programs by marginalized groups and people at risk, ensuring that Mercy Corps and partner programs are properly guided on how to include them.

This position will also be in charge of leading trainings and workshops for partner organizations to improve their understanding of protection, protection, and GESI (gender equality and social inclusion) integration in a humanitarian program cycle involving the inclusion of marginalized groups like the elderly and people with disabilities. The Gender and Protection Officer will also look into ways to assist field teams in making sure that women and other marginalized groups are actively participating in Community Accountability Reporting Mechanisms (CARM). Additionally, by playing this role, you can make sure that the program implementation effectively addresses and incorporates the various vulnerabilities and capacities of women, marginalized groups, and other vulnerable populations as indicated in the baseline.

Significant Duties:

  1. Safety measures and gender equality initiatives Contribute to continuing reviews and assessments of gender and social inclusion while recommending the necessary changes to Mercy Corps personnel and partners. Working with implementing partners and technical program officials, ensure that effective gender and protection mainstreaming is implemented into program operations in the areas of financial assistance and other humanitarian aid. Recognize chances for inventive action, contribute to a culture that values different perspectives, encourages collaboration between project teams, information sharing, and activity coordination. Become involved in the creation and execution of program learning activities. Assist Mercy Corps’ worldwide Gender Equality, Diversity, and Social Inclusion Strategy and the GESI minimal standards in implementing the program’s gender mainstreaming. Help Mercy Corps and its partner organizations with the mapping of local services and the creation of secure referral systems in accordance with the referral standards. Participate in local venues for coordination of gender, GBV, and protection issues and report on vital information.
  2. Capacity Development Deliver efforts to enhance staff capacity for integrating protection, gender equality, and social inclusion into programs in accordance with the capacity gaps of employees in the regional offices and partner organizations. Increase the partners’ knowledge of psychological first aid (PFA) through education and awareness Colleagues and partners should be made aware of do no harm, best practices for engaging with marginalized groups, at-risk populations, and persons who have been harmed, as well as best practices for facilitating access for those with disabilities and assistive support. assistance in the creation and evaluation of training materials and curricula for protection and gender equality Facilitate recurring community and partner consultations, gatherings, activities, roundtable discussions, and training sessions to ensure that programming is gender sensitive and inclusive, working with regional partners and pertinent Mercy Corps teams.
  3. Evaluation, Monitoring, and Learning By cooperating with MEL professionals in the local offices, help integrate protection and GESI features into MEL tools and processes. Work with the MEL team to include inquiries about service accessibility and security in post-distribution monitoring Conduct field visits to track program activity progress while keeping a protection and GESI perspective, in collaboration with program focal points. Where it is safe and appropriate, encourage the use of and analysis of data that is broken down by sex, age, and ability for marginal groups.
  4. Representation and Coordination Coordinate and work together with coworkers in the GESI, Protection, and program teams. Attend pertinent coordination meetings with Mercy Corps personnel in the locations where the initiative is being implemented. Encourage a diverse workplace by regularly communicating with coworkers about gender equality and social inclusion commitments (in accordance with Mercy Corps regulations). other jobs as required


  • Directly Reports To: Protection Advisor
  • Working closely with the MEL team, the CARM team, technical program officers
  • Accountability to Stakeholders & Participants:
  • Members of the Mercy Corps team are expected to support all initiatives aimed at establishing accountability, particularly with regard to our program’s participants, community partners, other stakeholders, and the international norms governing international relief and development work. We are dedicated to actively including communities in the planning, observing, and assessing of our field programs as equal partners.

Minimum requirements and transferable abilities:

  • a degree in social work, the social sciences, education, or a closely connected discipline
  • working knowledge of NGOs and/or for-profit organizations dedicated to social inclusion, protection, and gender equality
  • working with vulnerable or underprivileged individuals of the community
  • Recognizing the obstacles faced by women, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and other marginalized locals
  • knowledge of planning and assisting with trainings and activities
  • Strong interest in human rights, social inclusion, and gender concerns
  • English and Ukrainian proficiency is necessary. Russian fluency is preferred but is not necessary for red.

Success Elements

  • The ability to collaborate closely with a diverse team of people in a highly fluid work and security environment will be a must for the Gender and Protection Officer. While advancing knowledge of the cultural context’s sensitivity, s/he will be able to promote ambitious and ground-breaking gender-responsive initiatives.
  • The chosen applicant will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and must be skilled at creating enduring partnerships and promoting change at all levels. The most effective Mercy Corps staff members prioritize clear written and verbal communication in all circumstances, have a strong commitment to teamwork and accountability, and thrive in dynamic surroundings.

Environmental & Living Conditions

We are hiring one officer and giving them a choice between Odessa and Dnipro as their station. Given the security situation, the location in Ukraine might need to be reevaluated. Due to the nature of the emergency response required by this position, unusual work arrangements, perhaps including evenings and weekends, may be necessary.


In addition to a salary offer, Mercy Corps is providing competitive 25 Benefits Packages (10 law statutory and 15 market competitive), which may include relocation assistance, transportation expenses, phone allowances, remote and flexible working arrangements, duty of care assistance, well-being support, and round-the-clock free resilience consultations. With career growth opportunities through our global talent development platform, a well-established and expanding international humanitarian organization offers a team-friendly work atmosphere.

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