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  • Evergreen Job Requisition Type (Previously known as talent pools, in order to have a balanced number of candidates who are prepared to be hired and can be quickly dispatched to a position that best suits their skills. Temporary appointments are typically filled by evergreens.)
  • Instead of submitting an application to an Evergreen profile, current UNHCR employees with Indefinite or Fixed-term Appointments in the international professional category who are interested in Internal Temporary Assignment (ITA) opportunities should get in touch with the Emergency and Temporary Staffing Unit.
  • Recruiting for the position of Field Security Officer, P3
  • Locations: Numerous


Why should you come along?

  • The UNHCR, or UN Agency for Refugees, is in charge of defending those who are compelled to leave war and persecution throughout the world by offering life-saving relief including housing, food, and water to secure their fundamental rights, safety, and dignity. We ceaselessly seek to improve the lives of the 89.3 million forcibly displaced people around the world, with 18,879 women and men working in 137 nations.
  • Our committed and qualified staff members work around the clock in a variety of capacities, such as legal defense, social services, public relations, health, field security, and more. Our staff members are proud to work for UNHCR and committed to having a positive effect despite the difficulties they occasionally confront.

How can you influence things?

  • The Field Security Officer reports to the manager, who may be the Senior Field Security Officer, the Bureau Director in a Regional Directorate, the Chief, Security Operations Section at Headquarters, or the regional Senior Field Security Coordinator. Depending on the situation, the manager may also be the Representative/Chief of Mission or Head of Office within a country operation.
  • The incumbent serves as a field security advisor to the manager, offering wise, well-informed counsel and then aiding in the execution of chosen actions.
  • The position holder may have direct control over security staff. Depending on the situation, the incumbent may be needed to supervise, counsel, direct, and assist security staff.
  • As specified in the mission terms of reference, the Field Security Officer may be required to travel on a mission to several duty stations in order to offer guidance and assistance to the local manager.

Important obligations and duties:

  • In order to ensure the safety and security of UNHCR employees, operations, and facilities, provide the manager with advice and support on all facets of security risk management, crisis readiness, and preparedness.
  • Ad hoc Security Risk Management (SRM) is the process of analyzing security variables and levels of risk in relation to UNHCR activities and programs. Participate in the construction or updating of the SRM procedure for designated areas.
  • Observe adherence to the requirements set out by the security risk management procedure.
  • Make sure that the SRM processes incorporate Person-Centered Approaches and that the SRMMs are acceptable. creation and updating of the necessary tools and procedures to handle events involving gender-based security
  • Create specialized UNHCR plans, contribute to UNSMS plans, plan for relocation or evacuation, medical evacuation, and other situations, and test plans during drills or exercises. to guarantee that staff members are knowledgeable with and capable of carrying out emergency preparations.
  • Make sure that early on in the development process, budgetary provisions and operational planning are completely interwoven.
  • Manage important incidents and post-incident procedures while coordinating and assisting with reporting to the manager, senior field security coordinator, and FSS.
  • Contribute to efforts to ensure the physical protection and security of refugees and other persons of concern as a member of a multifunctional team by offering security assessments, analysis, and guidance in creating and putting into practice successful strategies that support the host state’s obligations.
  • Ensure UNHCR’s mission and program operations are understood through establishing and maintaining partnerships with security-related actors, such as the host government’s law enforcement agencies, the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), and other UNSMS security professionals.
  • Assist UNHCR employees who are functioning as members of the country’s Security Management Team (SMT), the area’s Security Management Team (ASMT), the Area Security Coordinators (ASC), and Wardens who are actively participating in the relevant security cell.
  • Give UNHCR staff, and where possible, the staff of NGOs and partners, country-relevant, gender-inclusive, person-centered security advice and training in areas in line with UNSMS and UNHCR standards. Work with the global learning development center’s security management training team to coordinate training.
  • Prepare recurring analytical reports on security concerns in accordance with UN and UNHCR standard operating procedures, and distribute them to managers in the assignment country and, if appropriate, the regional Senior Security Coordinator and FSS.

Who are we trying to find?

  • Candidates with an undergraduate degree and six years of applicable experience, a graduate degree and five years of relevant experience, or a doctorate degree and four years of relevant experience.


  • international experience in security risk management.


  • shown expertise in security analysis, administration, or training. knowledge of difficult or high-risk environments. working knowledge of or involvement with humanitarian NGOs. knowledge of putting into practice person-centered, gender-inclusive security risk management procedures. First aid, Women’s Security Awareness Training (WSAT), Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE), presentation skills, and training facilitation skills are some examples of pertinent training. Examples of prior job relationships that were built with the host government or other security actors. experience in addressing security problems involving gender efficiently. training and presentation delivery experience.
  • Please see the job description for a more thorough explanation:
  • All qualified candidates are urged to apply, without regard to their race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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