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Date of expiration: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 6:59p.m | driver skardu Pakistan | UNDP


Job Reference Number: 13497

Locations: Pakistan’s Skardu

Position: Full-time

Company: UNDP

Level: NB1

National Personnel Service Agreement: Type of Vacancy

Crisis management and country management support are practice areas

Timeline of Vacancies

2 Weeks

Position Description


At UNDP, diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding principles. We value diversity as a reflection of the variety of nations and cultures in which we work, we promote inclusion to give every employee the opportunity to contribute to our mission, and we uphold equity and fairness in all of our decisions. Increasing the participation of marginalized people is necessary if we are to “leave no one behind” in our diversity efforts. Those who consider themselves to be members of marginalized or excluded groups are highly urged to apply. Learn more about working for UNDP, including our core principles and motivational tales.

Any form of harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as discrimination are not tolerated by UNDP. As a result, exhaustive background and reference checks will be performed on all chosen individuals.

To create and execute regional responses to development concerns, UNDP Pakistan collaborates with the government and local people. In a setting of changing development, UNDP supports the government of Pakistan in its efforts to create a society that is more egalitarian, prosperous, peaceful, and resilient and to fulfill the SDGs and COP25 targets.

Due to climate change and variability, the nation is experiencing water scarcity, decreased land productivity, environmental degradation, a loss of biodiversity, and extreme weather occurrences. Programs that advance sustainable development through improved environmental protection are managed, coordinated, and overseen by the Resilience Environment and Climate Change Unit (RECCU).

In its National Climate Change Policy, the Pakistani government has acknowledged the danger posed by GLOFs. The risks associated with GLOF and flooding are already more than what the country’s public finances can handle. The Government of Pakistan, with assistance from UNDP, secured GCF resources to scale up ongoing initiatives on enhancing community resilience to climate change-induced disasters in KP and GB, particularly GLOF risks, in order to be able to strengthen capacities of vulnerable communities to address the GLOF issue urgently on the scale that is needed. This project’s scale-up interventions will be based on initiatives that have been successfully executed in two districts. Engineering constructions such gabion walls, automatic weather stations, rain gauges, and discharge equipment have been installed in these regions. Rural areas who received this assistance were able to prevent GLOF-related losses of life and property. With the help of the projected GCF initiative, interventions will now be available in fifteen districts across Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It will increase the technical proficiency of national and local decision-makers, enabling them to include disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into processes for medium- and long-term development planning.

The incumbent will work with the office to maintain smooth operations (given duties) and advance the MP project’s overarching objective.

responsibilities and obligations for driver skardu Pakistan

  • To ensure the delivery of dependable and secure driving services,
  • driving office vehicles for authorized personnel only to attend meetings and activities that are related to their jobs, as well as to deliver and pick up official mail, documents, and other stuff.
  • Pickup and drop-off services for project representatives and guests at the airport as needed;
  • Make sure the car is used appropriately to save money by doing accurate maintenance, practicing fuel-efficient driving, updating daily vehicle records, and contributing to the creation of vehicle maintenance plans and reports.
  • Ensure that the appropriate paperwork and materials are available, such as the car insurance, the logbook for the car, the office directory, the city/country map, the first aid kit, and the spare parts that are required.
  • ensures the assigned vehicle is properly maintained on a daily basis by making timely arrangements for minor repairs, changing the oil as needed, checking the tires and brakes, washing the car, etc.;
  • Make sure that in the event of an accident or involvement, all prompt action necessary by laws and regulations is taken.
  • accountable for the comfort and safety of the passengers.
  • Keeps a log of all official excursions, daily mileage, fuel use, oil changes, greasing, and other details.
  • ensures that, in the event of an accident, all necessary emergency actions are taken in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • while functioning in the field, guarantee adherence to UNDP regulations and security precautions/advice.



Results Achieved: LEVEL 1: Plans and oversees own work, pays attention to details, and completes project on time.

Consider New Ideas: LEVEL 1: Open to Unknown Risks, Practical Problem Solver, and Improvement Maker

Continuous Learning LEVEL 1: Asks for comments, shares expertise, is open-minded and inquisitive, and learns from mistakes.

LEVEL 1: Adapts to change, constructively manages ambiguity and uncertainty, and is adaptable.

Be resolute in your actions: LEVEL 1: Demonstrates desire and motivation, able to perform calmly in the face of difficulty, and self-assured.

Engage and Partner: LEVEL 1: Shows empathy and understanding for others and builds strong ties

LEVEL 1: Recognize and respect differences, be cognizant of unconscious bias, and challenge discrimination ​

Technical and Cross-Functional Competencies

Topical Area



Operations & Administration

vehicle control

knowledge of fleet management policies and procedures

Business Administration


The capacity to express ideas verbally and in writing in a clear, succinct, and unambiguous manner; to modify messages and select communication techniques according to the audience.

being able to effectively handle communications both internally and publicly via media, social media, and other appropriate channels


Knowledge of UN Policy – Ethics

comprehension and knowledge of the UN personnel norms, rules, and other policies relating to ethics and integrity.

Commercial Development

Information Generation

ability to conduct study and transform information into knowledge that is practical, appropriate for the situation, or meets a certain need

Commercial Development

Representation of UNDP

Ability to speak for UNDP and effectively represent UNDP to various constituencies; advocate for UNDP, its principles, mission, and work

required knowledge and expertise

Academic Education Minimum

Intermediate Higher Secondary Education and a current driver’s license required.

Minimum number of years in relevant work

experience as a driver for at least two years, ideally with a multinational or international organization.

abilities and skills needed For driver skardu Pakistan job

  • a good driving history.
  • understanding of traffic laws and regulations and minor auto repair abilities.

additional talents and skills that were desired

  • driving experience with armored vehicles
  • It would be ideal if you had experience with high-level or multinational missions.
  • VHF operating expertise is preferred.

Language(s) required (at working level)

Excellent written and spoken Urdu, plus a fair command of English.

Professional Licenses



Important information for US citizens who have a green card

Accepting a staff post with the UNDP, a global organization, may have major repercussions for US Permanent Residents under US immigration law. Applicants for all professional level positions are advised by UNDP that they must give up their US PR status and accept a G-4 visa, or have successfully applied for US citizenship, before beginning employment.

Application for US citizenship cannot be advised or helped by UNDP; as a result, applicants are urged to consult an experienced immigration lawyer before submitting any applications.

applicant data regarding UNDP rosters

Note: UNDP retains the right to choose one or more applicants from this pool of applicants. We may also keep applications and take into account applicants for this position for other UNDP opportunities with comparable job descriptions, experience criteria, and educational standards at the same grade level.


Sexual exploitation and misbehavior, as well as sexual harassment and misuse of power, are all prohibited by UNDP. Therefore, all chosen applicants will go through thorough reference and background checks, and they will be required to follow these standards and ideals.

Being an inclusive and equal opportunity employer, UNDP does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, or any other status.

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