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Deadline is September 18, 2023 | Data Management Intern Needed in Cape Town | South Africa | Panthera


The Business

Panthera, a group dedicated to the preservation of the 40 different species of wild cats that inhabit the world’s ecosystems, was founded in 2006. The seven species of big cats—cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, lions, pumas, snow leopards, and tigers—are studied and protected by our team of biologists, data scientists, law enforcement specialists, and wild cat activists. For the most endangered and underappreciated small cats in the world, Panthera develops focused conservation initiatives. Together with our supporters across the world, we raise awareness of the predicament of wild cats, assist local communities in coexisting peacefully with wild cats, prevent poaching of wild cats and their prey, combat the illicit wildlife trade, and protect the priceless habitats that wild cats require to survive.


Data Management (DMAN) Unit Intern

Location: South Africa’s Cape Town

begin Date: October 1, 2023

Position Description

The DMAN Intern (DMAN-Intern) uses approved DMAN software to locally curate and analyze data acquired by Panthera (and partners). The primary responsibility of this role will be to process camera trapping data using PantheraIDS, our in-house software.

The DMAN Intern is in charge of

  • assembling and purifying data from numerous sources for use by DMAN Technicians later,
  • Getting work done from DMAN Technicians and Coordinators to ensure that objectives are achieved
  • using statistical techniques to get useful information
  • the creation and dissemination of non-technical reports that describe the accomplishments and constraints of each target, and
  • keeping up with advances in DMAN and related domains to guarantee that outputs are always applicable.
  • The DMAN Intern is expected to evaluate software products created by CTEC or with its guidance to ensure robust functionality and optimization. This includes making localized suggestions for improvements to current software programs.
  • Travel both domestically and abroad can be necessary.

Competencies and Experience

In a quantitative decision science (such as data science, statistics, computer science, or a related field), either a certificate or a BSc.

Information and Skills

  • familiarity with the fauna of southern Africa.
  • Thinks analytically, is skilled at solving problems, and pays close attention to details.
  • strong verbal and written communication skills; strong interpersonal skills.
  • excellent presenting and communication abilities.
  • ready to learn new data management techniques, tools, and regulations.
  • It’s crucial to have a positive outlook and be open to challenges.

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