Three vacancies for community outreach workers (1 Rwandese and 2 Congolese Nationals, Kayole) | COMMUNITY OUTREACH WORKERS-3 POSITIONS | Kenya | HIAS

Department: HIAS Kenya

Location(s): Nairobi, Kenya, on-site


In order to maximize support for People with Special Needs (PSNs), HIAS collaborates with local communities’ natural systems. With this strategy, HIAS can assist PSNs in accessing the proper care while also meeting their needs in the areas of safety, psychosocial support, economic security, and justice. HIAS is looking to hire three community outreach workers, who will be responsible for locating the most vulnerable and at-risk refugees, giving them the information they require as needed, and connecting them to resources for psychosocial assessment and vulnerability assessment prior to the appropriate intervention.


  • Identify the community’s most at-risk refugees who require protection and psychosocial help (such as counseling, concerns about protection, financial assistance, medical assistance, etc.).
  • Participate in spreading information to community members and raising awareness of the community.
  • aid in the referral of community-based refugees who are in need of appropriate intervention to partner organizations.
  • Help employees follow up on and track down specific cases, updating the status as necessary.
  • aid in the delivery of direct aid to refugees in the neighborhood.
  • Translate for refugees in the neighborhood during evaluations, house visits, counseling sessions, and other events as necessary.
  • aid in the organization of neighborhood residents for support groups, neighborhood forums, and community-wide awareness raising efforts.
  • accompany colleagues on house visits, do individual visits, follow ups, and give case workers feedback reports.
  • Provide the line manager with quantitative and qualitative reports on a weekly and monthly basis that highlight each employee’s performance, progress toward goals, and the needs of and results from help received from clients.
  • Assure regular personal development and supervision while attending regular staff meetings, monthly debriefings, trainings, and other meetings as necessary.
  • additional relevant tasks as given.


  • 1 year of work experience, ideally with an NGO, and at least 6 months of that working with the refugee community.
  • An extra benefit is having experience in the sector of refugee protection and support.
  • literacy and mathematics basics.
  • They ought to be sensitive to the dynamics and requirements of the local refugee community.
  • good working understanding of the needs and gaps in the community.
  • Ability to work unsupervised or with minimal supervision with community members.
  • knowledge about computers
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • basics of counseling
  • strong ability to solve problems
  • Working with PSN and having strong training skills in community development will be advantages.
  • understanding of accountability to impacted populations
  • It will be advantageous to have knowledge about PSEA (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse).
  • proficiency in English or Kiswahili as well as other important languages, such as Kinyamulenge and Kinyarwanda, which are spoken by people of the Rwandese and Congolese nationalities.
  • Kasarani, Githurai, and Kayole are the locations.


This job description aims to convey the overall nature and scope of the work being done. It does not include every duty, responsibility, necessary expertise, or permanent location. The location may alter depending on programmatic requirements. Being flexible is crucial as we mature and advance. The chosen applicant must feel at ease in a dynamic work atmosphere with a lot of pressing deadlines. All team members might occasionally be asked to take on responsibilities outside of their regular working hours.


We make every effort to respond to every application and are dedicated to a professional and fair recruiting process. Even for candidates whose applications have been rejected, we place a high value on open dialogue and openness. Here is a quick overview of how we hire: Application submission is the first step!

Step 2: Phone interview with a member of the human resources staff.

Step 3: the hiring manager interview.

step 4: Interviews with HIAS staff are conducted.

Step 5: Checking references.

step 6: Offer and background check

Step 7: Begin working with HIAS to advance your career!

Not all applicants will move on to the next phase in all of our hiring processes.


In New York City, the nation’s main entry point for immigrants, the Jewish community established HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) over a century ago. Our founders were inspired by the traditions, texts, and history of the Jewish people—a history of oppression, displacement, and diaspora—as they helped Jews fleeing poverty and persecution in Eastern Europe. Since then, HIAS has aided generations of Jews who were the targets of hate crimes, and the organization is still dedicated to assisting Jewish refugees anywhere in the world. Today, both our personnel and our clients at HIAS come from a variety of racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Across five continents, we fight to ensure that refugees today receive the crucial resources and opportunities they need to flourish. We do this by bringing our expertise, history, and ideals to our work.

The learning community of HIAS is dedicated to inclusiveness and diversity. We carry out our work with honesty, decency, accountability, openness, and a dedication to the highest moral principles. We are looking for people to join our teams in the United States and other countries who have a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. People who identify as BIPOC, those with disabilities, those who are LGBTQ+, and those who have first-hand knowledge of forced migration or displacement are also welcome to apply. We are dedicated to developing a workforce that is diverse and reflective of our vision, purpose, and values.


HIAS advocates for a society that welcomes, protects, and provides opportunities for refugees.


HIAS offers essential services to refugees and asylum seekers worldwide and fights for their fundamental rights so they can rebuild their lives by drawing on our Jewish heritage and values.


  • Welcome
  • Acogimiento
  • Hospitalité
  • Honhasat Orchim
  • We Accept Strangers
  • Justice
  • Justicia
  • Justice
  • (Tzedek)
  • We fight for justice.
  • Empathy
  • Empatía
  • Empathie
  • (Chesed)
  • We deal with our clients empathically.
  • Partnership
  • Compañerismo
  • Coopération
  • (Chevruta)
  • We Consider Partnership to be the Best Way to Change the World.
  • Courage
  • Coraje
  • Courage
  • (Ometz)
  • We Take Courageous Action to Create a Better World
  • Resilience
  • Resiliencia
  • Résilience
  • (Ruach)
  • We Adapt and Thrive, Proving Our Resilience Constantly


HIAS is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. All qualified candidates will be given equal consideration for employment regardless of their race, color, national origin, ethnic background, ancestry, citizenship status, religious affiliation, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental health, genetic information, marital status, status as a registered domestic partner or civil union member, relationship status with immediate family, pregnancy, childbirth, military service, status as a protected veteran, political inclination, or any other legally protected characteristic.


Children, elderly people, and other vulnerable groups will be protected by HIAS from any harm that may result from their interaction with HIAS, whether it is direct or indirect. By any member of our staff or other affiliated personnel, sexual exploitation, abuse, or any other type of child abuse or neglect will not be tolerated. Any applicant who receives a job offer from HIAS will be required to agree to abide by the organization’s Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Standards. All job offers are contingent on receiving favorable references and passing the necessary screening tests, which may include criminal background checks. The Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme is another program in which HIAS takes part. In accordance with this Scheme, we shall ask former employers of job applicants for details regarding any allegations of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment made while the applicant was employed, as well as any occurrences that are now under investigation. In the same way, HIAS will divulge this information to other organizations that are conducting searches for potential employees by asking about current and past HIAS employees. The job seeker confirms their comprehension of our hiring practices by submitting an application.

Essential Documents

  • Case Study
  • Curriculum vitae with at least three referees’ names and phone numbers
  • A valid, current refugee ID
  • registration documentation
  • Training and Academic Certificates



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