Chief Of Party Needed In South Africa Pretoria


Date of expiration: October 3, 2023 | Chief Of Party Needed In South Africa Pretoria | FHI 360

  • Pretoria, South Africa is the location.
  • Duration: full-time
  • Posted Today
  • Identifier for the job posting: 2023201411.
  • South African Capacity Development Support (CDS) Program Chief of Party
  • South Africa’s Pretoria is the location.


Project Information

FHI 360 is accepting applications for a Chief of Party position with the USAID-funded Capacity Development Support (CDS) Program in South Africa. This program helps all of its beneficiaries adhere to treatment regimens and suppress viral loads in order to help achieve the 90-90-90 goals of the PEPFAR Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The Family Strengthening project, which targets orphans, vulnerable children, and youth (OVCY), and the DREAMS project, which targets adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), are both carried out by FHI 360 CDS. The projects also address a number of the structural and social issues, including as negative gender norms and gender-based violence (GBV), that make these people more susceptible to HIV infection.

On June 10, 2014, FHI 360 received the contract for the CDS project, which is scheduled to terminate on March 31, 2024. In order to close out the project by the second quarter of COP23/FY24, the chosen candidate will work with the project team and receive support from the regional and HQ office. The project will be managed by the hired candidate and its implementation activities will end on December 31, 2023.

Summary of Position:

The CDS Project will be managed, thought-led, and given general direction by the Chief of Party. They will oversee the implementation of a complicated program to expand access to, and the caliber of, HIV prevention, care, and support services for individuals living with HIV and AIDS, particularly adolescents and young women, primarily through Local Implementing Partner (LIP) channels. The COP will be in charge of managing the project’s daily activities and ensuring that crucial contractual deliverables are submitted on time. Together with the project team, they will manage the closeout procedures for the IES and OVC programs and support the completion and submission of all USAID-required closeout project deliverables. They will also supervise the transfer of beneficiaries to new USAID partners.


  • provide overall direction and guidance for the project’s successful execution;
  • accountable for overseeing the execution, monitoring, and closeout of the program, as well as making sure that the project’s deliverables are met for both the final stages of implementation and closeout;
  • Maintain appropriate levels of technical assistance in program operations, manage the creation of the closeout work plan and budget, and oversee and coordinate the subcontractor deliverables for the implementation and closeout of the program. ensuring proper program reporting and monitoring;
  • serve as the project’s point of contact with USAID/South Africa, the South African government, donors, and any other pertinent parties, including client country partners;
  • In charge of final programmatic, technical, and financial reports that are necessary for closeout requirements, as well as overall quality control and on-time delivery of all USAID-required deliverables;
  • control the number of project staff members and their performance;
  • Responsible for addressing issues relating to the agreement, including making sure that FHI360’s financial controls and systems abide by generally accepted accounting principles that meet USAID standards and that all goods acquired for the activity are secured and used carefully and responsibly;
  • serve as the USAID Agreement Officer Representative’s main point of contact.

Training & Experience

  • a Master’s degree with an emphasis on public health, the social sciences, or a related subject in business administration, health administration, management, social work, or another similar field. Master’s and medical degrees together are preferable.
  • a minimum of ten years of expertise in designing, carrying out, managing, and leading significant development programs with numerous partners, stakeholders, and geographical target areas in a developing country.
  • a Technical Director or Chief of Party with a minimum of three to five years of experience
  • It is desirable that candidates have at least three years of experience giving direct experience on the current CDS project as well as specialized technical direction and oversight of the creation and maintenance of HIV programs in OVC, Dreams, and capacity building.
  • It is desired that applicants have management expertise with a USG cooperative agreement and be conversant with USAID agreement requirements.
  • led a technical task using data-driven decision-making and shown ability through prior experience.
  • demonstrated capacity to create and sustain beneficial working connections with a large network of partners and stakeholders from prior experience
  • Ability to communicate with dignitaries, senior members of the donor community, executives of NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, and the for-profit business community has been demonstrated via prior experience.
  • excellent English communication, writing, and oral presenting skills.
  • relevant computer software abilities, at the very least MS Office.
  • Successful applicants must have citizenship, legal permanent residency, or a current, valid work permit to work in South Africa in order to be considered. The full Job Specification is available on our recruitment website, where interested individuals can also submit their resume and cover letter. In the cover letter, please state the role and location you are applying for.

Date of expiration: October 3, 2023

Chief Of Party Needed In South Africa Pretoria


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