Board Affairs Specialist Jeddah | Saudi Arabia


Deadline: September 21, 2023 | Board Affairs Specialist Jeddah | Saudi Arabia | IsDB

Board affairs specialist, IDB3154

Organization: President Complex

Board Governance and Services Division

Department: General Secretariat for the Group

Type of Contract: Regular Staff

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Job Objective:

The role of the focal point for all Boards of Directors, Governors, and Committees is to provide advanced level knowledge in the design and complete automation of the rules, processes, and procedures linked to the operation of the Boards and committees, including online document flow. is in charge of overseeing the entire Board Election procedure, giving incoming Board Members all necessary support and induction trainings. The function provides general support for any requests or concerns that may emerge and delegates them, monitors their resolution, follows up on decisions made, and oversees their implementation in collaboration with other pertinent Departments / Entities. Additionally, the job is responsible for ensuring that messages are prepared, online board documents are accurate and distributed properly, and other pertinent information and materials are compliant with IsDB policies and requirements.

Important Accountabilities

Boards Relations and Services for the IsDB Group:

  • serving as the primary point of contact for all issues relating to board relations and services throughout the IsDB Group, as well as troubleshooting and resolving any problems with the meetings of the boards (BED/BoD) and other committees running smoothly in accordance with IsDB policies and procedures.
  • To guarantee efficient coordination and information flow, coordinates and manages channels of communication between IsDB Management/Group Entities and the Members of Boards.
  • oversees the timely creation, submission, and publication of BED, BOD, BOG, and GA documents.
  • Plans and coordinates the election meetings for the Board and other committees in compliance with the requirements of the applicable laws, IsDB guidelines, and standards.
  • Ensures the timely and effective distribution of all pertinent Board meeting documentation, such as the accurate distribution of Board of Governors and Procedures Committee papers for consideration and the preparation of executive summaries, briefings, and summary records.
  • ensures that all relevant actions have been carried out properly and on schedule by overseeing and facilitating pre-meeting and post-meeting arrangements (logistics, communication, agenda, material, etc.).
  • complies with IsDBG standards and procedures when maintaining official records and documents related to Board of Governors and General Assembly sessions.
  • carries out post-meeting analysis, data generation, and report preparation for management review.
  • communicates frequently with Board Members, other internal and external stakeholders, and Member Countries regarding membership-related issues within the IsDB Group to address any pertinent questions, foster and maintain excellent business relationships, and escalate unresolved issues as necessary.
  • Keeps track of the BED Members’ calendars and schedules to make sure they are ready for every meeting and function.
  • BED/BODs and their Committees’ post-meeting activities and decisions are monitored and followed up on; corrective measures are suggested to management, and their rapid execution is overseen.
  • Conducts the orientation program for the newly elected/appointed Executive Directors in collaboration with other relevant IsDB Group activities and offers them the necessary support and assistance, making arrangements for a suitable welcome, etc.
  • gathers and combines input organize high-level seminars, conferences, meetings, and other events by taking part in the planning sessions with other IsDB departments.
  • Gather and combine information from different Bank stakeholders, and then create, submit, and/or present periodic and ad-hoc reports as needed by the management.
  • Review and update crucial company papers on a regular basis, including Procedures Committee Reports, Board of Governors Meeting Scenarios, and General Assembly Meeting Scenarios.
  • Train, mentor, and coach team members with less experience on matters pertaining to the Board of Governors.

Annual Meeting of the IsDB Group:

  • serve on the Annual Meeting Secretariat Committee and carry out duties associated with the committee’s mandate.
  • serve as the general secretariat’s point of contact for the execution of the Board of Governors’ (BOG) and General Assemblies’ (GA) documents and agenda in collaboration with the relevant IsDBG Business Units.
  • Organize and manage the election of the Board of Executive Directors during the annual meetings, making sure that it is done in a timely and transparent manner and in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Operating at a high level:

  • By finding, recommending, and putting into practice more effective ways to carry out the board relations coordination, facilitation, and follow-up activities in accordance with regulatory requirements, you can contribute to the ongoing process improvement.
  • Ascertain that all associated actions are completed in accordance with IsDB Group’s policies, practices, guidelines, and standards.

Task Requirements:

academic credentials

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, marketing, communications, company secretary ship, or a similar profession is required.


  • English (Required)
  • Arabic is required.
  • (Preferred) French

Minimum years required and type of experience

  • Board relations experience of at least 5 years, preferably at a development institution abroad.

Competencies & Required Knowledge

  • understanding of board norms, policies, and procedures, and corporate governance
  • Ability to plan.
  • business savvy, as well as expertise and comprehension of IsDB Group operations.
  • rationality of thought
  • being able to handle sensitive information discreetly.
  • precision and attention to detail.
  • information management for executives
  • finding solutions
  • Production and management of platforms and systems related to boards (such as the e-Board system)
  • Organization and management of board event procedures and rules (e.g., Board of Governors annual meetings)
  • familiarity with the document management system.
  • MS Office competency.


In Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Travel necessities:

as required.

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