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Date of expiration: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | Assistant PPH Officer needed in Toronto | Canada | UNHCR


Level of Difficulty: H (no difficulty)

Type of Family: Family

Grade: NOA Residential location, if appropriate

Associated Staff Member: National Professional Officer

Reason: Assignment that is Regular > Regular

Acceptance of remote work: No

Target Start Date: November 1, 2023

End of Job Posting: September 27, 2023

Assistant Public Health Officer is a typical job title.

Relationships at work and the organizational environment

The UNHCR’s Division of External Relations (DER), which houses the corporate Sector Partnerships Service (PSP), is in charge of securing funding for refugees from the corporate sector. The UNHCR has created a Private Sector Fundraising Strategy 2018–2025, which targets priority fundraising markets and areas and aims to build PSP into a service that can generate $1 billion yearly.

The Private Partnerships and Philanthropy (PPH) Section of the PSP establishes and strengthens long-term alliances with businesses, foundations, and private philanthropists (collectively referred to as “PPH donors”) in order to carry out this strategy and meet the ambitious goals of raising the funds required for UNHCR. Obtaining funding for UNHCR programs and projects will be prioritized, but the work also entails utilizing the capacities of these partnerships beyond funding in order to build long-lasting holistic partnerships bringing various forms of support to UNHCR and to persons of concern, such as advocacy, visibility, expertise, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Each employee of the UNHCR is responsible for carrying out the tasks outlined in their job description. They act in accordance with the UNHCR’s regulatory framework, which includes the UN Charter, the UN Staff Regulations and Rules, the UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions, as well as any applicable accountability frameworks, and within their scope of authority. Additionally, employees must carry out their duties in a way that is compatible with the fundamental, functional, cross-functional, and managerial skills as well as the key values of the UNHCR, which include professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity.


  • Support all activities important for acquiring and enhancing relationships with PPH donors, as delegated by the supervisor, depending on the local market and philanthropic landscape.
  • Support the creation of any other fundraising materials aimed at PPH contributors, including pitches, presentations, proposals, reports, and reports.
  • Support the administration of already-existing partnerships, for instance by assisting with the creation of donor reports, organizing donor missions, or other duties required to make sure that connections are properly cultivated.
  • Help the team by providing desk and market research to gather information that will inform PPH projects and/or the approach to particular funders or sectors.
  • assistance with event planning, both internally and externally, including internal skill-sharing.
  • Support PPH colleagues with procurement, administrative, and travel issues as directed and in coordination with Administrative colleagues.
  • Contribute to the updating of content on PSP’s SharePoint platform, enhancing internal communications, and ensuring a steady flow of information between PSP employees and others.
  • By gathering and sharing information about partnerships and philanthropy, you can assist your PPH colleagues in managing their information and exchanging expertise.
  • Support the upkeep of current records of collaborations and connections. This could involve aiding with data entry and Salesforce maintenance, maintaining internal schedules and goals, and keeping track of funds raised.
  • Support the execution of the plans for donor visibility and contact with PPH. This can involve assisting in the collection and organization of data and information on various subjects and for targeted audiences, planning the logistics of content collection missions, and creating communications products.
  • The position holder’s performance will be directly related to the larger PSP country market plans and context, and will include effective collaboration on and work toward non-direct cash elements with IG and campaigns, such as expanding network for additional purposes like in-kind, free publicity, CRM, or location access for face-to-face frontliners.

Individual Giving

  • assistance in the planning of high-profile events geared for significant donors and HNWIs.
  • To guarantee that significant contributors are actively involved with the organization, assist colleagues in putting donor care strategies into action.
  • Support the production of top-notch reports, proposals, and presentations for significant donors and HNWIs.
  • Support data mining efforts and database updates for current and potential significant donors, as appropriate.


  • assist coworkers in putting initiatives to engage with foundations into action.
  • By assisting with the collection, organization, and timely presentation of material, you can provide assistance with the preparation and submission of foundation grants, including budget and narrative submissions.
  • Support the planning of or participation in events for charitable networks and foundations.


Help your coworkers implement activities aimed at establishing and/or enhancing relationships with corporations and corporate foundations.

Help your coworkers create communication and visibility plans as part of donor cultivation and stewardship strategies with corporate partners.

  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

Professional work experience and education

Years of Experience/Level of Education

For P1/NOA, you must have one year of relevant experience and an undergraduate degree, or you must not have any graduate or doctoral-level experience.

Field(s) of Study

Journalism, marketing, and communications

Economics, business administration/management, and international relations

Social sciences or another pertinent discipline.

(Educational areas highlighted by an asterisk (*) are required.)

Licenses and/or Certificates


(Licenses and certificates denoted by an asterisk* are required.)

Relevant Work History


  • expertise in a relevant field that has included exposure to international environments and/or humanitarian
  • or groups for growth.
  • the capacity to write well-crafted materials for particular audiences.
  • the capacity to balance many, occasionally conflicting needs and timeframes.
  • An understanding of managing various stakeholders, as well as the capacity to multitask, manage time, and perform well under duress.


  • understanding of UNHCR programs and operational procedures or humanitarian programming.
  • Understanding of collaborations, fundraising, and/or connections to donors and/or outside partners.
  • comprehension of the SharePoint 365 platform.
  • knowledge of communications and/or marketing.
  • understanding of CRM applications, ideally Salesforce.
  • Working knowledge of developing nations and/or UN field locations, as well as the capacity to adapt to diverse cultures.

Adaptive Skills

  • Computer and IT literacy
  • PS-Fundraising (including programs, operations)
  • PS: Managing business alliances
  • Business intelligence (BI) in the IT
  • PS-Private sector relationships and fundraising
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) Fundraising PS
  • PS-Partnerships / Programs for Individual Giving
  • Program planning and administration for PS-Middle Donors
  • Emergency Fundraising for PS
  • Production and administration of PS-Fundraising materials
  • PS: Foundation fundraising
  • PS-Fundraising Management for the Private Sector Investments in New Markets
  • Communications between partners, the government, and the community, CL-Multi-stakeholder
  • (Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.

When applying, candidates must be qualified to work in Canada. The following legal statuses are required for candidates to be able to work in Canada: Canadian citizen, (valid) permanent resident of Canada, or possessing a valid work visa that satisfies the requirements of the Immigration Act.

Assistant PPH Officer needed in Toronto | Canada


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