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Date of expiration: Thursday, September 28, 2023 | Apply For Data Coordinator Job Bujumbura | Burundi | WFP
The WFP embraces and recognizes diversity. It supports the idea of equal employment opportunities for all of its workers and encourages qualified applicants to submit applications regardless of their genetic information, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, or social background, sexual orientation, HIV status, or sexual orientation or gender expression.


Data Coordinator, LFT/P2, Information Technologies (TEC) Unit/Division The duty station is in Bujumbura, Burundi. 12 month renewable duration. Apply For Data Coordinator Job Bujumbura | Burundi


The largest humanitarian organization in the world battling hunger is the United Nations World Food Programme. WFP’s goal is to contribute to the world’s effort to eradicate hunger during our lifetimes. Every day, WFP works in every country to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially women and children, have access to the wholesome food they require.


Although some of the most vulnerable people and areas affected by crises are now quickly becoming connected, services that are responding to those crises are also benefiting from this expansion of technology and connectivity. The World Food Programme (WFP), one of the major humanitarian players, has the opportunity and duty to use data and technology to better understand and help those in need by digitally altering the way it operates. A plan to construct, include, and mainstream the essential components of an end-to-end digital business process was developed as a result of such desire.

As part of its efforts to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability, the Burundi Country Office is committed to enabling end-to-end digital deployments throughout the nation. The goal is to gradually integrate digital beneficiary management, cash-based transfers (CBT), and in-kind transfers, while also providing coordinated frameworks for data access to improve program design, integration, and execution.

The Country Data Coordinator will be in charge of formulating the strategy and carrying out data consolidation and visualization projects in the Burundi country office under the direction of the Head of the CO TEC Unit.

Background information and the assignment’s goal

The position requires a mixed-profile professional with experience who possesses practical knowledge of data collection, analysis, integration, and visualization. They must also have a track record of successfully interacting with a variety of stakeholders, including senior level management at WFP (Country Director and heads of Units) and technical experts from various Units. The candidate must demonstrate their ability to accurately map out the technical requirements and business process flows at the level of the country office (a process known as “data mapping”) and to use that information to create project and product roadmaps that are specific to those needs. The CO Data Coordinator for Burundi will be providing technical training and coordinating activities with the CO Data Working Group in order to implement the data roadmap.

The position requires a candidate who can lead data quality and governance initiatives, support complicated data virtualization projects, conduct advanced training on technologies like Tableau, and standardize a product offering across product lines for digital transformation.


  • Work closely with the data owners and stakeholders at the Country Office to determine the data gaps and requirements for data visualization for the country operations.
  • Determine whether high-value datasets in the country office should be included in the data initiative and related technologies (for example, data relevant at the local level).
  • To encourage and ease the use of corporate data systems and business intelligence tools at the national level, coordinate with the regional data coordinator.
  • Lead the implementation and adoption of Tableau as the business intelligence and data visualization solution standard at the Country Office by working with the Regional Data Coordinator.
  • Educate and teach both internal and external audiences about the many WFP data-related tools and resources.
  • Help the Country Office adopt corporate data platforms and data integration procedures to promote a culture of data-driven decision making.
  • To improve data analysis competencies and ensure skill transfer in the CO, provide key data focal points with ongoing advanced training in Tableau and DOTS.
  • Promote data literacy by offering training on projects depending on country office needs for data analysis, visualization, narrative, and integration.
  • Make certain that the appropriate teams and people are consulted, that they participate in important data-related decisions, and that all of the decisions made are transparently documented and conveyed to the Country Office.
  • To make data easier to obtain and/or use, create operational dashboards for activity managers and other functional unit workers.
  • Inform the Head of Unit of your progress and any problems, and let the Regional Data Coordinator know as well.
  • Support and participate in the continuing creation and enhancement of the School Connect Dashboard in coordination with the HQ division of school feeding.
  • Control the activities of the personnel working for the Data team.
  • any additional duties connected to this position.



Understands and effectively communicates the WFP’s strategic objectives, as well as how they relate to personal work goals. Be a catalyst for improvement: Individual contributions are adaptable to changes in supervisory direction and internal/external changes (such as changing beneficiary demands or partner requirements). Make the task motivating for our team: identifies and discusses with team members how each member’s contributions relate to the mission of WFP. Make our mission apparent in all that we do: sets personal goals that are compatible with the WFP’s overall operations and is able to explain this connection to others.


Look for opportunities to improve people’s abilities: Assesses one’s own strengths and limitations in order to become more self-aware, and takes these into consideration while discussing one’s own growth needs. Foster a diverse culture: engages in open discussion and respects the many viewpoints of others, regardless of background, culture, experience, or assigned country. Be a coach and offer helpful criticism: actively seeks coaching and feedback to develop and enhance personal talents, increase self-confidence, etc. Develop a spirit of “I will” and “We will” participates in achieving team objectives and tasks under difficult situations.


Promote creativity and innovative thinking: Demonstrates a desire to experiment with new concepts and methods in one’s own work. Pay attention to results: consistently produces products that are on schedule, within budget, and error-free. Make commitments and keep them: Commits to upholding personal accountability and duties in the face of dynamic national or functional goals. Be Decisive: When faced with uncertain situations, such as when information is unclear or a manager’s instructions are unclear, makes reasonable decisions concerning personal activities.


Share and connect with other WFP units: seeks to comprehend and adjust to the priorities and preferred working methods of internal or cross-unit teams. Create powerful external partnerships Possesses the ability to recognize, react to, and/or elevate the needs of external partners. Be politically flexible and agile: Approaches internal and external partners and stakeholders with a knowledgeable and professional demeanor. Be specific about the benefits WFP partnerships: operational assistance for analyses and evaluations that quantify and illustrate the WFP’s special value as a partner.


Education: Doctorate-level degree in data science, IT, business administration, statistics, marketing, communications, or a related field from an accredited university

Language Proficiency: Fluency in English and French for International Professionals.

Information and abilities:

a track record of managing difficult analysis in a busy analytical environment. strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking, including the ability to write reports effectively. functioning knowledge of teams and team procedures. Ability to work in surroundings with many different cultures and ethnicities. The candidate must exhibit significant abilities in data analysis. Knowledge of the Tableau software is beneficial.


  • Coordination of a Data Working Group at the national level
  • Adapt and put into practice the CO Data Road Map
  • An improvement in knowledge, data literacy, and abilities in data visualization, specifically using Tableau, as evidenced by the amount of information sessions and trainings conducted at the country office
  • increased usage of the corporate data dashboards and platforms at the country office
  • Create an operating dashboard for the staff of other functional units and activity managers.
  • A greater understanding of the data agenda among top management in the country office (heads of units, CD, and DCD)
  • Monthly data story-telling briefing on the most important findings from diverse datasets


The application deadline is set for September 27, 2023.

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