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Closing date is 6th October 2023 | Apply For Associate External Relations Officer Job Vacancy | kinshasha Congo | UNHCR

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  • Family
  • Type of Employee or Affiliate
  • Goal Start Date
  • 2023-09-15
  • Conditions of Reference
  • external relations and understanding of social media.
  • common job descriptions
  • Officer for Associate External Relations
  • Relationships at work and the organizational environment



  • Keep up with institutional developments in the field of forced displacement and humanitarian operations, the UN and humanitarian reform, and the problems provided by the political climate.
  • Assist in the implementation of a communications strategy that garners backing for UNHCR’s operations from outside partners (such as the general public, governments, partners, media, academics, NGOs, corporate sector, and individuals of concern).
  • Facilitate communication with donors and Embassies, sharing pertinent information about UNHCR operations and funding needs by setting up routine briefings, bilateral meetings, and missions, and responding to donors’ ad hoc information requests.

Disseminate information on UNHCR’s global financial position and raise additional funds to conduct programs and projects aimed at improving the level of protection for individuals of concern in the country operation through consultation with headquarters.

  • Help in organizing the drafting of situation reports, briefing notes, background information, talking points, fact sheets, press releases, and articles.
  • Create narrative and financial reports on contributions that adhere to the needs of the donors.
  • Keep an eye on the amount of money being set aside for UNHCR country operations, and make sure that donor contributions are properly visible and adhere to UNHCR policies and any criteria that particular donors may have.
  • Participate in inter-agency cooperation and communication plans, initiatives, and tools on behalf of the Representative and other supervisors.
  • Support country operations and corporate communication procedures and priorities by identifying priority issues, protecting, evaluating, and disseminating material and information to support them.
  • Compile data on UNHCR operations in each country and choose the best messaging for campaigns and appeals.
  • Suggest activities and initiatives (such as business, cultural, political, and sporting events) to advance UNHCR’s mission and take necessary action.
  • Assist in managing media relations by, among other things, responding to direct inquiries, releasing press releases, processing requests for interviews, and planning frequent briefings and trips to the operations of the country.
  • Increase the visibility of UNHCR’s work and advocate for aid for those in need by contributing to the creation of social media and other web material.
  • As needed, plan field trips and press conferences for outside audiences.
  • Put a communications strategy into full effect.
  • Represent UNHCR on behalf of senior management in interagency initiatives and fora regarding priorities for fundraising and communication.
  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

  • Professional work experience and education
  • Years of Experience/Level of Education
  • For P2/NOB, the minimum required experience is three years with an undergraduate degree, two years with a graduate degree, or one year with a doctorate degree.

Field(s) of Study

  • the study of politics Behavioral Sciences Worldwide Relations
  • Communications, journalism, or another comparable subject.
  • (Educational areas highlighted by an asterisk (*) are required.)
  • Licenses and/or Certificates
  • not defined
  • Relevant Work History


  • knowledge of field-based humanitarian activities.
  • excellent familiarity with local politics, institutions, and cultures.


  • experience in programming and program management.
  • working knowledge of social networking.

Adaptive Skills

  • Documentation and Co-Drafting
  • PS-Fundraising (including programs, operations)
  • Program cycles and reporting criteria are part of the PG-Programme Management.
  • Computer and IT literacy
  • Management of Web Content in IT
  • (Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.

Each employee of the UNHCR must work both individually and collectively to create a workplace where everyone feels secure and empowered to carry out their responsibilities. Showing zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment—including sexual harassment—as well as sexism, gender inequity, discrimination, and the abuse of power—is one way to do this.

Individuals and managers alike need to take the initiative to stop improper behavior before it starts, to respond to it when it does, to support continuing discussion about these concerns, to speak out when something goes wrong, and to seek advice and assistance from the appropriate UNHCR resources.

For all UNHCR positions with this job title and grade level, this is the Standard Job Description. Additional desirable and/or necessary qualifications relevant to the operation or role may be included in the operational context. Any such requirements are included in this Job Description by reference and will be taken into account for screening, shortlisting, and choosing candidates.

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