Trainee in Charge of the “Legal and judicial assistance” for Institutions of the Criminal Chain in Chad


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Trainee in Charge of the Legal and judicial assistance
Summary Of Job Details:
  • Position: Trainee in Charge of the Legal and judicial assistance.
  • Location: N’Djamena, Chad.
  • Application deadline: June 30 at Midnight New York Time.
  • Type of Contract: Internship
  • Place of Work: Internal
  • Languages needed: English, French
  • Starting Date: (the day the chosen applicant is anticipated to begin) 17-Jul-2023
  • Initial Contract Term: Three (3) Months, Renewed Once


The legal system in Chad faces numerous challenges, affecting residents’ understanding of their rights and trust in justice administration. These issues stem from a lack of tools and internal organizational flaws, limiting the effectiveness of court and jail clerks. Political reconstruction and pacification have led to numerous transfers and appointments of magistrates and civil workers with inadequate training and experience. This has resulted in gaps in the implementation and interpretation of existing legislation and knowledge of new laws. Additionally, the majority of Chadians are illiterate and ignorant of their legal rights and processes.

Access to justice is hampered by various issues, including court costs, distance, communication gaps, and lack of legal representation. The project to support the criminal chain of command aims to strengthen the rule of law in Chad by hiring a national trainee to provide technical and financial support for legal and judicial aid to vulnerable individuals, particularly survivors of gender-based violence.

responsibilities and obligations


The intern will be responsible for supporting the implementation of the “Legal and Judicial Assistance” component of the aforementioned project while working directly under the Coordinator of the Criminal Chain Institutions Support Project and generally under the general supervision of the Head of the UNDP Governance Unit. Specifically, this will entail carrying out the following actions:

  • collaborate and maintain tight supervision with the national partners executing the “Legal and judicial assistance” component, particularly the Chadian Bar Association’s lawyers and non-governmental organisations;
  • Ensure the gathering of monitoring and evaluation metrics and the reporting of actions pertaining to legal and judicial aid;
  • Ensure communication for legal assistance efforts in cooperation with the Country Office’s Communication Department;
  • Create a framework for implementing partners to use when tracking performance improvements in legal and judicial support;
  • Complete any additional tasks requested by the project, unit, or country office management.
Expected outcomes
  • The “Legal and Judicial Assistance” component is implemented and efficiently overseen by national partners, particularly the Lawyers of the Bar of Chad, non-governmental organisations, etc…
  • It is successful to collect monitoring-evaluation indicators and to report on activities involving legal and judicial aid;
  • The country office’s communication department collaborates with the legal assistance department to carry out its communication efforts;
  • Any other job required by the project, the Unit, or the Country Office Management is completed.
  • Implementing partners build a methodology for monitoring performance improvement in legal and judicial aid.
Expertise Areas

Law, politics, public administration, international relations, and violence against women.

  • Taking charge;
  • flexibility and adaptability;
  • a focus on the needs of the client
  • dedication to lifelong learning;
  • sharing information;
  • virtue of integrity;
  • Leadership;
  • organising and planning
  • Professionalism;
  • honouring diversity;
  • group effort.
Required Knowledge and Expertise

Education: Possess a minimum level diploma in legal and political sciences, private law, public law, or any other field that equates to a Licence 3 in that field.

Required qualifications:

  • Have solid writing and analytical abilities;
  • Have a solid understanding of Chadian law.


  • Level – Excellent oral and writing proficiency in French (Compulsory).
  • An advantage would be having a solid working command of English.

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