Supply & Logistics Specialist Job Vacancy In Nigeria Maiduguri


Closing date: September 27, 2023 | Supply & Logistics Specialist Job Vacancy In Nigeria Maiduguri | UNICEF

Job no: 565106

Fixed-term appointment kind of position

Location: Dakar (WCAR), Senegal Division/Equivalent: Nigeria

Institution: Nigeria

Department/Office: Nigeria’s Maiduguri (Borno)

Categories: Operations, Supply Management


To reach the most underprivileged children on the planet, UNICEF works in some of the most difficult locations. to prevent their death. to protect their legal rights. to assist them in achieving their potential.

We strive to create a better future for everyone by working for every child, everywhere, every day, in 190 nations and territories.

We never give up either.

Deliver for every child.

Every aspect of UNICEF’s work, including its programs, advocacy efforts, and operations, is done with the primary goal of advancing the rights of all children, everywhere. This dedication to children’s rights is translated into action through the equity strategy, which places a special emphasis on the most underprivileged and marginalized families and children. Equity, according to UNICEF, is the ability of every child to live, grow, and realize their full potential, free from prejudice, bias, or discrimination. Any child’s rights are violated to the extent that they have an unequal opportunity at life in its social, political, economic, civic, and cultural dimensions. There is mounting evidence that reducing inequality by investing in the health, education, and safety of a society’s most vulnerable members will not only allow all children to reach their full potential but also result in sustained economic growth and political stability. The emphasis on equity is crucial because of this. It supports the equitable development of nations and expedites the realization of all children’s human rights, which is UNICEF’s worldwide mandate and is established in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.Supply & Logistics Specialist Job Vacancy In Nigeria

How can you influence things?

Administration of the Supply team

  • Create the Supply team’s yearly work plan, decide on goals, targets, and performance metrics, and keep an eye on work-in-progress to make that outcomes are met on time and to the required performance standards.
  • Team members should be supervised and coached, and staff performance should be managed promptly. Make sure that knowledge exchange and learning are given top priority in order to continually increase the capability of individuals and the team. This can be done in partnership with the supply division, regional office, and the global supply community.
  • Establish and maintain operational capacity to manage FO supply chains, including staffing (appropriate staffing structure, prompt recruitment, clarity of roles and responsibilities), contracting with third parties for services (e.g., customs clearance, warehousing, transport, distribution), and other factors, in consultation with your supervisor.

delivery of supply chain services and emergency response

  • Provide suggestions for the Country Programme Action Planning and counsel on the supply needs for the Plan of Operations and Annual Work Plans in consultation with your supervisor. Make sure the supply chain operations are properly planned, implemented, monitored, and evaluated, including the creation of performance indicators and the evaluation of the products’ and services’ suitability for the intended use.
  • To concentrate on strategic, necessary supplies and services that contribute to results for children, analyze supply spend and create procurement strategies based on category management, including the formation of long-term agreements (LTAs) when appropriate. Assure efficient contracting for construction, contracting for services, and procurement of commodities while upholding the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and accountability.
  • Assure prompt customs clearance of imported supplies. Make sure the nation program is implemented with the necessary warehousing, inventory control, and local transportation.
  • Make sure the proper vendor management procedures, such as supply performance reviews, are set up and followed.
  • To encourage improvements and ensure efficient and effective supply chains for kids, analyze supply dashboards, implementation rates of key performance metrics, supply information/data from various systems, and do root cause analysis of supply chain bottlenecks and issues.
  • Create an emergency supply and logistics plan in cooperation with your supervisor based on the results of your risk analysis and your program’s presumptions. Assuring the creation and implementation of an emergency supply and logistics preparedness action plan for the CO in accordance with the Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action (CCC) includes prepositioning stock, training staff in the country office, and establishing pertinent LTAs and frame agreements for emergency response.
  • Join high-level emergency coordination, implementation, and monitoring meetings with internal and external partners. Develop close ties with the Logistics Cluster and National Logistics Working Group, if they are active or already exist.
  • To align with international and regional approaches and objectives in supply chain management, forge strong working relationships with the regional chiefs of supply and operations as well as the supply division in conjunction with the supervisor.

Program and implementing partner cooperation

  • Establish close communication with program sections in cooperation with the supervisor by taking part in program design, planning, and preparation for supply component implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation. Create an accountability structure with programs to ensure that children receive the results they deserve.
  • Assist in developing the supply components of proposals to donors, including budgeting and the use of creative financing methods for goods, services, and construction projects. Provide supply input to the donor discussion.
  • Support the evaluation of and interaction with implementing partners, such as civil society, the creation of PCAs for programs, and the observation of supply-side HACT components.
  • Create and maintain cooperative relationships in the areas of supply and logistics, including synchronized and cooperative procurement, with the government, UN agencies, and bilateral counterparts.
  • Government and national systems receive technical and consultative support.
  • To ensure efficient and effective supply chains for children, promote/drive supply chain strengthening and change management efforts with governments and partners.
  • In close coordination with program colleagues, contribute to capacity development activities in the field of supply chains for children. Support any supply-related aspects of strengthening the nation’s health systems that may be pertinent.
  • support in the form of advice to governments and national systems as they define and decide on supply solutions for kids, including the use of procurement services, financing options for such supplies, the growth of local markets, and private sector involvement.

Markets, products, and innovation

  • In close cooperation with the Supply Division, participate in pilot projects and assist the real rollout of new products and services.
  • To ensure effective and efficient supply chains for children, encourage critical thinking, creative solutions, and best practices in supply chain management both within the company and with external partners.
  • In addition to supplier expenditure analysis and related procurement techniques, supervisor-run efforts are also used to assure local market development when necessary.
  • If you want to be an advocate for every child, you’ll need to…


It is necessary to have an advanced degree from an accredited university in Business Administration, Management, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Procurement, Contract/Commercial Law, International Development, Health, or a closely related social science field. Alternatively, a relevant first-level university degree (Bachelor’s) combined with a current relevant professional certification is sufficient.


  • It is necessary to have at least five (5) years of relevant expertise in the supply, logistics, procurement, contracting, administration, and/or other closely connected technical fields, both domestically and internationally.
  • knowledge of humanitarian and development work.
  • Emergency knowledge is advantageous.
  • Experience in the health supply chain is advantageous.

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency is necessary. It is advantageous to have knowledge of a local language or another official UN language, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, or Spanish.

You exhibit for each child…

Our actions and methods are guided by UNICEF’s Core Values of Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust and Accountability and Sustainability (CRITAS). familiarize yourself with Our Values Charter: UNICEF Principles

The UNICEF qualifications needed for this position are…

  • Builds and maintains relationships; exhibits self-knowledge and ethical awareness; is driven to produce results that have an impact; innovates and embraces change; manages ambiguity and complexity; thinks and acts strategically; and collaborates with others.
  • For a supervisory job, [add the eighth competency (nurtures, leads, and manages people)]


Medical clearance is required for UNICEF employment. For IP posts, the issuing of a visa by the host nation of the duty station is necessary. UNICEF will help with this. The obligation for immunization (vaccination), including against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid), applies to appointments as well. Normally, government personnel who are being considered for employment with UNICEF must resign from their government in order to accept a position with UNICEF. If a visa, medical clearance, or required immunizations cannot be obtained within a reasonable amount of time for whatever reason, UNICEF retains the right to revoke an offer of employment without pay.

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted and moved on to the next phase of the hiring process.

According to the applicable policies, relocation rights may be restricted depending on the individual’s station, current tour of duty, and other factors.

Application deadline: September 27, 2023, West Central African Time

The supply and logistics specialist is in charge of managing the components of a bigger supply operation’s supply chains under the direction and general supervision of the operations manager (Level 4). Planning, contracting, purchasing, warehousing, in-country transport, distribution, and monitoring of goods, services, and building projects are all part of the supply chain processes. The incumbent provides technical and advisory help to governments, national systems, and partners on supply chain management. They also support management engagement with programs in creating supply interventions to fulfill programmatic goals and deliver results for children.

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