Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification)


Deadline Date: Monday, 14 August 2023 | Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification)

location: Kenya(Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification))


DRC started conducting business in Kenya in 2005, offering protection and livelihood-related initiatives to communities affected by displacement and refugees. DRC assists urban refugees in Nairobi and Mombasa, works in the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, and runs a cross-border resilience program in Mandera County. The DRC program helps refugee youth and adolescents in Kakuma enhance their livelihood and occupational skills as well as their resilience, life skills, and training. The DRC is a UNHCR implementing partner and is carrying out protection-related activities in the Kalobeyei camp, a brand-new camp that was established next to the Kakuma refugee camp.

The overall goal of the position is to provide case management, psychosocial assistance, and activities of a similar nature daily in Kalobeyei Settlement and Kakuma Camp. The individual in question is specifically in charge of attending to the mental health requirements of GBV survivors, women at risk, especially those who have alcohol misuse issues, and other Persons of Concern. Along with providing case management and psychosocial assistance to GBV survivors, s/he will be in charge of overseeing the Behavior Modification – Alcohol Abuse Recovery Program in partnership with the Psychosocial Officer. In order to monitor the campers’ progress and guarantee efficient case management, s/he will teach and supervise the Para-Counselors. He or she will collaborate closely on documenting program activities in accordance with donor criteria with the Protection Team Leader and GBV Psychosocial Assistants.

responsibilities and roles for Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification) :

Management of Cases

Offer comprehensive psychosocial counseling with a focus on the survivor-centered case management approach to GBV survivors and women at risk. According to the needs of the scenario, offer evaluation and treatment (with an emphasis on addiction counseling). Ensure that all client interactions are confidential and that ethical standards are upheld. Make sure to accurately record customer information on the intake forms and to keep them secured. Make sure that the GBVIMS and progress notes are consistently updated with accurate information. Participate in the analysis of the trends revealed by the examined data, and work with the Protection Team Leader to communicate information to all pertinent parties. Participate in the creation of the case management monitoring tools and systems, and see to it that the entire personnel who will be using them is properly taught. Take part in the creation of accurate reports for all activities linked to the psychosocial.

Networking and coordination

To ensure that survivors receive high-quality services and support from both agency levels, maintain and strengthen existing networks through other service providers at the camp level. Attend all scheduled meetings, including the Case Conferences and GBV inter-agency meetings, in full. Find new networks to collaborate with to guarantee the clients receive wholesome support. Cooperate closely with the Protection Team Leader and GBV To ensure that the continuous needs of at-risk groups, women, and girls are satisfied in activities related to prevention, there are psychosocial aides. bolster current networks and referral systems for providers of psychological services. Create psychological interventions for the refugee population in partnership with other partners, paying particular attention to the needs of adults, youth, and children. assist in the creation of referral networks and the deployment of referral pathways among partners implementing GBV. Support peer learning between DRC and other partner agencies by taking part in the planning of trainings for partners on pertinent organizational development topics.

Community Outreach and Participation

Conduct discussions, dialogues, and mediation sessions about trauma and GBV with the general public. Encourage the creation of support groups for GBV survivors and other disadvantaged groups. In order to guarantee that the survivors receive enough support at the community level, identify and enhance community structures by including community leaders, camp administration, and other stakeholders. During community GBV prevention forums and meetings, help the Protection Team Leader and GBV Psychosocial Assistants in disseminating pertinent information.

Evaluation and Monitoring

help with timely creation of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, progress notes, and treatment plans. Utilize the right tools for data collecting, and provide assessments and reports on time and with accuracy. Assist the employees who work with refugees to guarantee accurate reporting. aid in the creation, organization, execution, and facilitation of external trainings for a variety of target groups. Make that the Core Humanitarian Standards are applied to all aspects of project implementation on a daily basis. Attend training sessions that are appropriate for the position. Assist with any other related tasks that the supervisor deems essential.

Management and development of staff

Make sure the Psycho-social services are delivered effectively by supervising the Para counselors. Perform ongoing performance/evaluations of the Para counselors who work with her or him. Utilize supervision, debriefings, and other group activities to practice good self-care. To increase professionalism, provide frequent formal and on-the-job training, mentoring, and guidance to Para-Counsellors on themes relating to case management, counseling, and other related topics.

Conduct regular one-on-one and group case conference meetings with the para-counsellors. Prepare for external capacity-building forums on therapeutic counseling and GBV case management methods.

Technical expertise as well as experience(Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification))

Having provided psychosocial counseling, including addiction counseling, for two years. Excellent team player; able to follow instructions and cooperate with others. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities, including the ability to listen with empathy. The capacity to interact with clients, community members, and business partners in a very professional manner. able to finish the necessary reports and paperwork by the deadlines. Highly driven, imaginative, and empathetic individual who is committed to making sure that best practice models are applied. capable of upholding the highest moral and academic standards. capable of upholding the strictest standards of secrecy. Conflict resolution and problem-solving abilities. the capacity to work in a difficult setting. the capacity to advocate for equality, tolerance, and respect for everyone’s human rights. The ability to work with refugees is highly desired.

Knowing you:

You must exhibit the five fundamental capabilities of DRC in this role:

  • Pursuing greatness means concentrating on results while ensuring a smooth process.
  • When you collaborate, you invite input from the appropriate people.
  • Taking charge: You assume responsibility and initiative while pursuing innovation.
  • You communicate and listen in an effective and sincere manner when communicating.
  • Integrity: You behave in a way that is consistent with our mission and beliefs.


Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or a closely related branch of social sciences.
speaks and writes Swahili and English with ease.

Important parties: both internal and external

Defend yourselves, DRC Kakuma Staff. Community of Hosts and Refugees Regional government bodies Other NGOs Partners in implementation

Conditions for Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification)

Contract: One-year agreement with an extend option pending funding and performance. According to DRC’s Terms of Employment, salaries and other terms are offered. Accessible in September 2023 Job location: The role will be headquartered in the Kakuma refugee camp’s DRC Kakuma officer.

CV and application:

Only applications that are motivated, have a CV, and address the specified roles and credentials will be taken into consideration.
DRC only accepts applications sent through our online application form found under “Vacancies” on our website. Please do not include any written recommendations in addition to your CV and application letter.
Please send your resume and application in English no later than August 14, 2023.

Gender Parity in Staffing: DRC is dedicated to attaining gender parity in staffing at all levels. In order to close the gender gap, women candidates are especially urged to apply.

Equal Opportunities: DRC is an employer that values diversity. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace built on respect for all employees because we cherish diversity. Age, sex, disability, religion, ethnicity, color, race, marital status, and other protected characteristics are not grounds for discrimination.
The ability of our staff to uphold and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in relation to DRC’s values and Code of Conduct, including safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment, is essential to DRC’s ability to ensure the protection of and assistance to refugees, IDPs, and other persons of concern. DRC does extensive background investigations as a part of the hiring procedure. To learn more about what we do to provide reliable safeguarding procedures, visit
Please contact if you have any inquiries or are having issues with the online application process.

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Psychosocial Protection Assistant (Behavior Modification)

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