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Regarding the role

  • The position entails a broad spectrum of duties. In order to support informed decision-making and promote business success, it requires thoroughly investigating market intelligence through primary and secondary research, revealing insights into market trends, customer behavior, and competition dynamics.
  • It also entails overseeing market research activities to ensure the highest standards are met in terms of data gathering, quality controls, and data cleaning procedures. A key component of the position also entails actively supporting the sales team’s efforts to achieve goals in sales by offering crucial administrative, operational, and communication support, which helps the team work more effectively together.

responsibilities and obligations:

  • Conduct primary and secondary research on market trends, customer behavior, the competitive environment, and other pertinent topics to support business objectives, decision-making, and business expansion.
  • Lead market research operations and local best practices for data collecting, quality assurance, and data cleansing.
  • Supporting our sales staff with essential administrative, operational, and communication support will help our sales objectives succeed.

responsibilities for marketing intelligence

  • Gather and analyze information from a variety of sources to discover market trends, consumer preferences, and rivalry.
  • The macroeconomic factors that affect our target markets, as well as industry advancements and upcoming technology, are tracked and evaluated.
  • Develop and carry out research activities that meet specific business objectives in collaboration with cross-functional teams.
  • To assess market positioning, pricing tactics, and product offers of rivals, do a thorough competition analysis.
  • On the basis of market intelligence findings, proactively discover opportunities for development, innovation, and improvement.

Operations duties include:

  • Help with project design and setup while comprehending the primary factors that affect project efficiencies and offering remedies when practical and within bounds.
  • Make sure projects run smoothly and that all project details are handled, including the coordination of enumerator teams and internal resources.
  • Ensure timely and accurate delivery by monitoring, maintaining, and improving the performance of field operations.
  • Create trusting connections amongst cross-functional teams so that you may serve as the point of contact for all of the project’s partners.
  • Maintain a balance between several activities at once, giving tasks priority in order to accomplish objectives.

Responsibilities for Sales Support:

  • Work closely with the sales team to support pre- and post-sales operations, resulting in streamlined and effective procedures.
  • To keep a clean sales pipeline, arrange and coordinate sales meetings, appointments, and follow-up tasks.
  • Answer consumer questions and provide information on products, prices, and other pertinent factors.
  • Maintain communication with a number of internal divisions, such as marketing, finance, and logistics, to guarantee efficient order processing and prompt delivery of goods or services.
  • By quickly responding to client issues and concerns, you may maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Experience and Knowledge

  • a bachelor’s degree in a relevant topic, such business, marketing, economics, or a related subject
  • 5 years or more of expertise performing primary and secondary research, including designing surveys, collecting data, and analyzing results.
  • strong communication skills—verbal and written—and the capacity to solve problems
  • Strong organizational abilities and experience in organizing research efforts, supporting sales initiatives, and managing many projects.
  • Women who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply.

At any point of the hiring process (application, interview, meeting, processing, training, or any other fees), BURN does not charge a fee.

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