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8 October 2023 is the deadline | Information Technology Officer Job Vacancy In Uganda | Oxfam Novib

  • Salary and benefits for the year: n/a
  • Job Grade Internal: D1
  • Fixed-Term Contract as the contract type
  • Business Support Manager, reporting to
  • Personnel working in this position: N/A
  • places: Kampala
  • Budget for the year: N/A
  • creating a more powerful Oxfam for those who are poor.


Team Goals

Delivers and maintains the information systems and technology required to achieve the goals of Oxfam by offering general technical advice and/or technical administrative support.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities for the Position

  • Computer Systems: Email and the Network
  • the local area network is kept up. Ensure the program’s field offices and Kampala office’s local e-mail and Internet systems are reliable.
  • Maintains the network in accordance with the bare minimum requirements, which include regularly backing up all local data, making sure virus protection software is installed and updated on every machine, and updating and installing new versions of office software like MS Office, Sage Pastel, etc. as directed by the ICT Coordinator.
  • The overall management and upkeep of all computer systems within the Uganda Programme, as well as the evaluation of the needs for office equipment and software purchases. To make certain that this is accomplished in collaboration with the IT/Business Systems Co-ordinator.
  • All local employees are given first-line software support, which includes debugging any software issues.
  • provides all local workers with training. Introduce new employees to Oxfam’s IT infrastructure.
  • first-level hardware maintenance and updates are provided.
  • maintains an accurate inventory of all IT gear and software.
  • Pick up tickets from the help desk that will record routine support issues with the aim of producing the management data necessary for performance improvement.
  • ensures that the program’s overall power connectivity is reliable to support the IT infrastructure.
  • performs practical routine maintenance and servicing on computers for both field offices and county offices.
  • monitors the upkeep and repair of IT equipment.
  • Telephones
  • makes ensuring the Oxfam switchboard lines are operational
  • ensures the implementation of affordable technology, such as VOIP and video conferences, in line with business strategy
  • Process the staff’s monthly time and data.
  • makes certain that phone and internet bills are received and paid on time.
  • assistance for the field program offices
  • performs remote support for the field offices to make sure that the systems are operating effectively and to the agreed-upon expectations
  • Regular system performance checks (backups, antivirus, network, etc.)
  • maintenance of office equipment and communication systems
  • Ensures efficient maintenance of the communication systems and that the information flow is appropriately maintained, working closely with the ICT Co-ordinator. activities consist of:
  • makes sure that Kampala’s email, internet, and phone services adhere to Oxfam’s minimal standards and requirements for program delivery.
  • Ensures that office supplies are in good condition and that any malfunctions are promptly fixed, paying specific attention to printers, scanners, and copiers.

Technical Knowledge, Experience, & Skills

  • an information technology, information systems, or similar subject bachelor’s degree
  • a thorough understanding of how hardware functions, operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008 or later, Active Directory, and Windows 10, as well as other applications.
  • Ability to handle some hardware issues independently and give users excellent application support (job-specific).
  • excellent written and vocal English communication abilities for individuals
  • Ability to organize work efficiently, fulfill deadlines, and be proactive in taking initiative and displaying perseverance (getting results)
  • being familiar with cloud computing technologies
  • a working knowledge of Microsoft’s internal products, such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint, for business automation.
  • Thinking and reasoning skills, including the ability to demonstrate logic and weigh possibilities before choosing a course of action.
  • teaching skills in one-on-one settings and in a supporting position.
  • Proven ability to work well in a team and a willingness to cooperate with others on different teams, responding to questions and problems in a timely and accurate manner
  • Possibility of regular travel to the field (self-management)
  • a high degree of personal energy, stamina, flexibility, and self-awareness. the capacity to act independently and operate creatively and efficiently

essential behavioral skills



2.Relationship Development


4.Shared Responsibility



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