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Date of expiration: Thursday, September 14, 2023 | communications and technical writing(officer) | Zimbabwe | who

Title of Assignment: Technical Writing and Communications (Officer)
Country : Zimbabwe
Start date anticipated: 9/25/2023

Goal 3 of the sustainable development agenda is to promote wellbeing.

Volunteer type: Specialist National UN Volunteer

Entity hosting: WHO

Type :On-site

Six months, with the option of an extension

One assignment was made.

Stations of duty: Harare



Objectives and the mission

A specialist division of the United Nations Public Health Organization, the World Health Organization was founded in 1948. The attainment of the highest degree of health by all peoples shall be the goal of the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization accomplishes its objectives through carrying out its fundamental duties: Take the initiative on important health issues and form collaborations when teamwork is required. 2. Establish research goals and promote the gathering, use, and distribution of relevant knowledge. 3. Establish standards and criteria and promote their use. 4. Create moral and fact-based policies 5. provide technical assistance, act as a change agent, and sustainably develop institutional capacity; 6. monitor health status and evaluate health trends.


In order to support other initiatives in the Eastern and Southern nations, such as the ongoing EPI Reviews in Lesotho, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe, IST/ESA Communication Person will also support a variety of other activities there. The current UNV will concentrate on recording and producing information about our daily activities that we can utilize to share the experiences and lessons learned for national, regional, and international venues.

mission statement

a. Offer writing and editing assistance for the creation of technical writing materials and outputs, such as report and publishing manuscripts.

b. Take part in conversations about technical programme procedures and offer technical officers pedagogical and linguistic experience to ensure the soundness and clarity of technical outputs.

c. Create content about ongoing national and IST-level initiatives centered on the “4 Must Wins” for electronic print materials for social media.

d. Work together with IST and AFRO communications to make sure that text and graphic resources are used appropriately in a variety of media, such as print-based, web-based, and electronic communication systems.

e. Verify that the content complies with copyright laws.

f. Look into and use any new communication technology that the team would find useful.

eligibility requirements

  • Age: 27 – 80
  • Nationality
  • The applicant must be a citizen or a resident in good standing of the country of assignment.


necessary expertise

3 years of experience working on the national and/or international level in the fields of immunization, general public health, or other pertinent programs; proficiency in web content creation is a plus, as is previous employment with the UN or another international development organization; b. Producing case studies, papers, expert reports, photo essays, and other types of technical writing in the field of vaccinations or more general public health b. Proven track record of handling numerous duties with little guidance. d. Understanding of reference management programs like EndNote g. The ability to conduct a biomedical literature search, evaluate scientific articles critically, and collect data for the creation of proof. outstanding drafting, formulation, and reporting skills; outstanding oral and written communication skills; The ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a variety of partners, including grassroots community members, religious and youth organizations, and authorities at different levels; proficiency with tools and approaches of communications for development; e. Accuracy and professionalism in document production and editing; f. Excellent interpersonal skills; cultural and social sensitivity; g. The capacity to operate in a demanding environment and adapt professionally and successfully; the capacity to work successfully in a multicultural team of international and domestic individuals; h. Strong computer literacy generally, including experience with database management, different MS Office software (Excel, Word, etc.), email, and office technology; i. Self-motivated, capable of working with little direction, and able to meet deadlines; j. Have a connection to or interest in the UN System, volunteering as a strategy for long-term development, and increasing vaccination in the African region. m. Additional desirable or necessary technical expertise

Particular expertise

  • Interaction, health
  • a driving permit


English fluency level: need French, Working knowledge, desirable level Working knowledge of Portuguese is desired.

required level of education

A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in technical writing or communications. b. Instead of a graduate degree, a first-level university degree in a health-related field or its equivalent, along with applicable training and/or professional experience, may be accepted; c. A graduate degree in communications and technical writing is an added advantage.

values and abilities

  • Accountability
  • Flexibility and capacity to change
  • Creativity
  • Making decisions and using judgment
  • Organizing and planning
  • Professionalism
  • Self-management

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Conditions of residence and remarks

Zimbabwe is a distinctive nation and a distinctive (humanitarian) endeavor. Although it offers a stimulating and engaging atmosphere, maintaining a good standard of living and being able to finance it calls for a more developed degree of cultural knowledge as well as greater tenacity and dedication than in other places. As a result, it’s crucial to be adaptable and willing to live and work in challenging circumstances that often involve physical discomfort and even danger. A fully immunized status against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) with a World Health Organization (WHO)-endorsed vaccine is required prior to accepting an appointment, in addition to duty station-specific vaccination requirements. It does not apply to UN Volunteers who will work remotely and are not required to travel for the term of their contracts to carry out duties for WHO or to work on or visit WHO facilities, program delivery sites, or directly engage with the communities WHO works with. WHO makes suitable accommodations for disabled UN Volunteers. For instance, accessible software, mission-related travel support, or personal attendants may be included. If you need a reasonable accommodation both throughout the hiring process and during your assignment, we strongly advise you to make this disclosure in your application.

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