Communication Officer Job Vacancy In Nairobi Kenya


Organization: Unicef Education Sector Plan Advisor Consultancy, Funafuti, Tuvalu

Date of expiration: Friday, October 6, 2023 | Communication Officer Job Vacancy In Nairobi Kenya | UNICEF

  • Communication Officer is the description of the assignment.
  • Kenya was the country assigned.
  • Beginning on or about November 1, 2023
  • Goal 3 of the sustainable development agenda is to promote wellbeing.
  • Volunteer type: Specialist National UN Volunteer
  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Form: On-site
  • Timeframe: 12 months
  • One assignment was made.
  • Kenyan duty stations



Objectives and the mission

The United Nations organization UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund, is in charge of offering aid to children all over the world in terms of development and humanitarian issues. With a presence in 192 countries and territories, the organization is one of the most well-known and well-known social welfare organizations in the world. The activities of UNICEF include giving vaccines and disease prevention, treating women and children who have HIV, strengthening maternal and childhood nutrition, enhancing sanitation, promoting education, and offering emergency aid in the event of disasters.


Children are at the center of our efforts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals in Eastern and Southern Africa, where they make up over half of the population and represent partners, communities, and the private sector. From infancy through adolescence, we work to protect children’s lives, uphold their rights, and enable them to reach their full potential. The chosen applicant will be a member of the communications team in the regional office.

mission statement

  • The UN Volunteer will carry out the following duties under the direct direction of a Regional Communications Specialist:
  • Develop written communications and produce content aimed at visibility connected to regional advocacy and humanitarian initiatives in collaboration with communication specialists.
  • assistance with the upkeep of the internal Sharepoint collaboration site for regional messaging.
  • help in running the website for the regional office.
  • assistance in creating the bimonthly newsletter for the regional office.
  • Participate in regional activities and communication projects with the team. Additionally, UN Volunteers are expected to
  • read pertinent UNV and outside materials to further their knowledge and comprehension of the idea of volunteering, and actively participate in UNV activities (such as activities to celebrate International Volunteer Day);
  • learn about and expand on the traditional and/or local volunteerism in the host nation;
  • Think about the kind and caliber of the volunteer action they are carrying out, as well as their involvement in continuous reflection activities;
  • Contribute field experience-related articles or write-ups for UNV publications, websites, newsletters, press releases, etc.;
  • support the UN Volunteer Buddy Program for recently arrived UN Volunteers;
  • When it is technically viable, urge relevant local people and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering service, or encourage local groups to use it. Results/Predicted Results
  • English content that has been well-written and produced on specific humanitarian and advocacy topics relating to the regional office’s communications activities.
  • a regional office-specific internal Sharepoint site that is well-managed.
  • the growth of capacity when working with (including managing) national personnel or (non-) governmental counterparts, such as Implementing Partners (IPs), through coaching, mentoring, and formal on-the-job training;
  • The assignment’s actions consistently apply, incorporate, and record the age, gender, and diversity (AGD) perspective.
  • a summary of the assignment’s successes in terms of volunteering for peace and development, including how many volunteers were mobilized, what activities they took part in, and what skills they learned

eligibility requirements

Age: 27 – 80


The applicant must be a citizen or a resident in good standing of the country of assignment.


  • 3 years of media, public relations, linguistic, and digital communication expertise. We’re looking for someone who:
  • strong written English communication abilities
  • a thorough knowledge of digital, social, and web media
  • capable photographic abilities
  • cooperative team member

Particular expertise

  • Communication
  • a driving permit


English, Level: Fluent, Required; Working Knowledge; Desirable; French

required level of education

Bachelor’s degree in communication, media, public relations, languages, or digital communication, or its equivalent.

values and abilities

Accountability Flexibility and Adaptability Creativity in communication, ethics, and values Planning and Coordinating Diversity Respect Technological Intelligence Being a Team Player

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