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Ongoing deadline | Apply For Regional Quality Improvement Officer Job In Jinja Uganda | URC

  • Regular Full-Time Hours; No Room for Overtime
  • Pay: In line with credentials and experience needed
  • Reports to: The director of the relevant hospital’s community health department.
  • Uganda received a Grade D.
  • Location: Uganda’s Jinja
  • URC, LLC, University Research Co.


We adhere to our ideals for transformative change in our contacts with one another and our clients by putting an emphasis on the following:

  • Creativity: By letting our imaginations run wild, we increase interaction and engagement, which in turn improves problem-solving.
  • Collaboration gives staff members a strong feeling of purpose by allowing us to complement one another’s skills and divide work in a way that takes use of everyone’s strengths.
  • Accountability means that we hold ourselves accountable for achieving our objectives, completing our tasks, and making decisions.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: We recognize the value of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where our leaders and employees set a positive example by acting in a way that enhances our business, shows respect for all individuals, and fosters opportunities for all employees.
  • Transparency: We are aware that when workers have complete faith in their superiors and one another, they will be more committed to their jobs since they won’t be concerned about receiving unjust treatment.


1) increase the Regional Referral Hospital team’s, Partners’, and districts’ capacity to implement Quality Improvement plans and strategies; and

2) assist the Community Health Department in coordinating regional quality improvement activities.

3) support the regional Quality improvement efforts’ monitoring and reporting.


  • Create the regional QI work plans and budget, monitor their execution while working with the regional QI committee.
  • Utilizing the Hub and Spoke Model, coordinate QI activities such as coaching and mentoring with other stakeholders.
  • To support QI operations in the area, determine the training requirements and organize sustainable capacity-building efforts for regional and district QI coaches.
  • Ensure that national and regional QI collaboratives are implemented, and work with the MoH-QI teams to roll out the national QI collaborative, which includes orienting regional and district teams.
  • Give work improvement teams technical assistance (mentorship, support supervision, and frequent QI reviews) so they can regularly evaluate data and update ongoing QI initiatives.
  • To assist Regional QI and District QI committees in implementing changes and evidence-based procedures to enhance key performance indicators, offer coaching and technical support on a regular basis.
  • To gather success stories and lessons learned, conduct regional learning workshops and performance reviews.
  • Participate in research and create abstracts for conferences and pertinent publications with regional, district, and site level QI teams.
  • Keep the region’s CQI database up to date.
  • Establish institutionalized usage of the audit tool at the district and site levels to guarantee that all services are planned and provided for every client.
  • Organize RCAs and client feedback surveys.
  • Institutionalize 5S practices in local districts and healthcare facilities.


Experience and credentials needed

  • Degree in a medical field, such as nursing, MBChB, or a similar subject, and registration with the appropriate professional councils.
  • A master’s degree in public health or a related discipline is advantageous.
  • a minimum of four years’ experience in planning and carrying out quality improvement initiatives on a local or national level.
  • a track record of designing collaboratives for quality improvement.
  • a track record of collaboration with various stakeholders.

Other relevant knowledge and abilities:

  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills must be demonstrated, and the candidate must be able to collaborate and communicate successfully with partners, donors, and other GoU employees.
  • outstanding organizational and analytical abilities.
  • the capacity to organize learning sessions on internet platforms.
  • Candidates with legal authorization to work in Uganda may apply for this position.
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.
  • URC takes great pride in being an equal opportunity employer.
  • We value and actively pursue diversity in the workplace.

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