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deadline: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 is the deadline | Administrative Assistant | Bria | Kaga Bandoro | Central African Republic

Organization: Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission of the United Nations in the Central African Republic


Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the core principles of the UN

Setting and Reporting Organizational
In the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), these roles are in the Office of the Chief of Operations and Resource Management (CORM). The employees will be stationed in Bria (Sector East), Kaga Bandoro (Sector Centre), and will report to the Sector East and Sector Centre Heads of Office as well as the Chief of Operations and Resource Management as their Second Reporting Officer.


  • Management of Human Resources; efficiently manages actions related to the management of human resource activities, such as hiring, placing, promoting, reviewing job classifications, separating staff members, training, etc., while maintaining uniformity in the application of UN policies.
    outlines the terms of employment, obligations, privileges, and rights as set down in the Staff Rules and Regulations.
  • Financial and Budget; takes the initiative in terms of developing and carrying out the work plan, making sure that financial resources are used to carry out activities in accordance with the plan Budget and allotted funds.
  • performs routine and one-time assessments of the work schedule and budget to keep an eye on them and determine how well the actual work is progressing in comparison to the schedule. the coordination of program report creation.
  • In order to improve budget reporting systems and the efficient use of program resources, define needs and collaborate with system units.
  • ensures that accounting and financial management controls are in line with UN policy and practice by developing and implementing processes.
  • supervises and/or counsels coworkers on issues and procedures related to financial administration and management information.
  • gives more junior staff members direction and leadership. General Administration is in charge of overseeing tasks linked to purchasing, billing and collecting money from various services, operating a travel program, monitoring the procurement process, and assessing vendor contracts and payments to businesses and independent contractors.
  • examines whether the space needs for field missions are sufficient.
  • oversees identifying office technology requirements, maintaining hardware, software, and systems, and organizing upgrades as required.


  • oversees the overall performance of the mission support component using set KPIs that indicate measurements for service delivery and supply chains.
  • For high Mission leadership and management meetings, develops and implements performance management tools and standardized reporting.
  • when needed, performs further relevant tasks.

Competencies for Administrative Assistant | Bria | Kaga Bandoro

  • Knowledge of administrative, monetary, fiscal, and human resource policies and processes. demonstrated extensive technical expertise in all facets of administration and strong analytical abilities.
  • the capacity to apply numerous administrative rules and regulations of the United Nations in professional settings.
  • talents in conceptual analysis and evaluation to carry out independent study and analysis. the capacity to recognize problems, create viewpoints, draw conclusions, and provide recommendations.
  • demonstrates professional competence and subject matter mastery; is diligent and effective in meeting commitments, adhering to deadlines, and producing results.
  • is driven by professional rather than personal concerns; demonstrates persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; and maintains composure under pressure.
  • assumes accountability for including gender viewpoints and making sure that men and women participate equally in all aspects of the workforce.
  • OUTLINES CLEAR GOALS THAT ARE CONSISTENT WITH AGREED STRATEGIES IN PLANNING AND ORGANIZING. Establishes priorities for tasks and activities, and changes them as necessary. sets aside the necessary time and resources to complete the assignment. When planning, considers hazards and leaves room for emergencies. keeps an eye on things and modifies plans and activities as appropriate. efficiently manages time.
  • Accountability means taking ownership of all duties and keeping promises. complies with established deadlines, budgets, and quality standards when delivering results for which one is responsible. operates in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organization. provides assistance, supervision, and accountability for tasks that have been given to subordinates. accepts personal responsibility for his or her mistakes as well as, where appropriate, the mistakes of the work unit.

Education A high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary.

Qualifications for the Position

It is necessary to have a technical or vocational certificate in administration, finance, human resources, business administration, or personnel management.

Work History(Administrative Assistant | Bria | Kaga Bandoro)

  • A minimum of ten (10) years of steadily increasing responsibility in administrative services, finance, accounting, human resources, audit, or a similar field within the framework of the United Nations or the private sector is necessary.
  • For applicants with a first-level university degree, the required number of years of relevant experience is lowered to five. It is necessary to have three (3) years of experience in the aforementioned domains in a supervisory capacity.
  • It would be ideal to have prior experience in post-conflict international operations.
  • Experience working in a field operation of the United Nations Common System or an equivalent international organization, or providing support services to them, is preferred. It would be ideal to have prior experience with ERP systems like Umoja.

The United Nations Secretariat speaks English and French as its working languages. Fluency in English is necessary for the advertised roles. It would be ideal to have some basic French.


Candidates who have already been rostered aren’t eligible for any additional evaluations, thus they won’t be invited for one.

Extra Notice

Roster candidates who have already been added to pre-approved rosters as a result of evaluation by a United Nations Central evaluation Body are the only candidates eligible for this “Recruit from Roster” job posting. Only applicants for roster placements who were assigned to rosters with comparable functions at the same level are regarded as candidates. An email asking qualified candidates to apply is sent to them. Only those candidates who are interested in and available to start at the position at the duty station(s) stated in the Job Opening are urged to apply from the roster. There is an assumption that if you apply for this position, you will accept the offer. The United Nations Secretariat is dedicated to fostering regional diversity and gender parity among its employees. Applications from female candidates are especially welcomed for this post.

Considering the United Nations

The requirement to ensure the highest standards of effectiveness, competence, and integrity is stated in article 101, paragraph 3, of the United Nations Charter. This is the most important factor to take into account when hiring workers. Candidates will not be given consideration for employment with the UN if they have violated international human rights law, international humanitarian law, or have engaged in sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, or if there are good reasons to believe that they have participated in any of these acts. The phrase “sexual exploitation” refers to any actual or attempted misuse of a position of vulnerability, differential authority, or trust for sexual objectives, including, but not limited to, making money, gaining favor in society, or influencing politics through the sexual exploitation of another. The phrase “sexual abuse” refers to any actual or threatened bodily encroachment of a sexual nature, whether done so forcibly or in an oppressive or coercive environment. The term “sexual harassment” refers to any unwanted sexual behavior that might reasonably be anticipated or perceived to offend or degrade a person’s status, when such behavior interferes with work, is made a condition of employment, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, and when the seriousness of the behavior justifies ending the perpetrator’s working relationship. Candidates with criminal records that go beyond infractions of the law that apply to minor traffic violations may not be hired. The significance of hiring people from as broad a geographical base as possible will be given due consideration. The United Nations does not impose any limitations on the ability of men and women to participate in any capacity and on an equal basis in both its main and auxiliary organs. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the UN Secretariat. On request, reasonable accommodations may be given to candidates with disabilities to enable their participation in the hiring process. The absolute requirement to uphold the highest standards of effectiveness, competence, and integrity shall be taken into account while hiring, moving, or promoting employees. Staff personnel of the United Nations are subject to the Secretary-General’s authority and assignment to any projects or offices of the organization in accordance with staff regulation 1.2 (c) once they accept an offer of employment. In this situation, all internationally hired staff employees must move on a regular basis to perform new duties within or between duty stations within guidelines approved by the Secretary-General. All directions provided in the online recruitment platform inspira should be strictly followed by applicants. The Manual for the Applicant, which can be reached by clicking on the “Manuals” hyper-link in the upper right side of the inspira account-holder homepage, is available to applicants who need more in-depth instructions. The evaluation of candidates will be done on the basis of the data provided in the application in accordance with the evaluation standards of the job opening and the applicable internal laws of the United Nations, including the United Nations Charter, General Assembly resolutions, the Staff Regulations and Rules, administrative issuances, and guidelines. In order to be considered for the vacant position, applicants must provide correct and comprehensive information about their personal profiles and qualifications in accordance with the guidelines listed in inspira. Applications that have been submitted may not be amended, added to, deleted, revised, or modified in any way. Reference checks will be required of candidates who are given serious consideration for selection so that the data on their applications may be validated. Job listings on the Careers Portal will be taken down on the deadline date at 11:59 p.m. (New York time).

No Fee
At any stage of the hiring process—including the application, interview, processing, and training—the United Nations does not charge a fee. The United Nations is not interested in knowing details about applicants’ bank accounts.

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Administrative Assistant | Bria | Kaga Bandoro

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