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Closing on 27th September 2023 | Accounting Manager Job In Toronto | Canada | MSF


Employment Data

Permanent status of the position

100% weekly activity rate, or 37.5 hours

Base Salary: $87,850 annually at Level 16 of the MSF Canada Salary Grid.

Status: Must have a valid work permit to enter Canada; MSF Canada is unable to facilitate the application process for any applicants from abroad.

Benefits include starting at 4 weeks of vacation per year, flexible work hours, an annual professional development budget, an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), group insurance (life, dependent life, AD&D), a peace of mind plan (including prescription drugs, accidental dental, hospital care, etc.), 5% RRSP contributions (no employee matching required), and an innovative office culture rooted in our core values of humanity.

Impact Report

The Accounting Manager oversees the organization’s daily accounting operations, which is a crucial part of managing MSF Canada’s resources. The Manager supports a team of three employees, closely collaborating with them to monitor financial activities and reporting, to optimize the team’s processes and procedures, to give training as needed, and to ensure honesty at all times.

Important Responsibilities

  • ensuring the timely, correct, and thorough completion of the payroll and accounting processes each month.
  • Management of the payroll, accounts payable, and accounting teams, including teambuilding and training.
  • To assure the quality of continuing expense coding, administration, and monitoring, you should be in charge of the organization’s budgeting and internal reporting process.
  • coordinating with the Director to handle the audit and make sure all functions are according to the law.
  • advising and putting into practice improvements to accounting processes and procedures to ensure their efficacy, efficiency, and conformity with corporate and governmental laws and regulations.

Technical abilities

Accounting; understanding of accounting principles, procedures, and resources; proficiency in using them to generate and manage financial accounts and reports. Level of Proficiency: 3

Financial and Accounting Systems; Understanding of the features, capabilities, and workings of financial and accounting systems; Capability to use organizational-specific financial and accounting programs. Level of Proficiency: 3

Creating and modifying organizational practices and procedures for financial reports is known as financial reporting. Level of Proficiency: 3

Budgeting; Understanding the organization’s budgeting process and having the skills to put policies and procedures for creating and managing budgets into practice. Level of Proficiency: 3

Payroll management is the practice of using tools, tactics, and processes to control the administration of employee payroll and benefits. Level of Proficiency: 3

Tax Laws, Organizational Tax Practices, and Obligations; Knowledge of Tax Laws; Capability to Manage Organization Tax Related Issues. Understanding of and capacity to abide with tax laws and regulations at the federal, provincial, and local levels as they apply to a specific business or industry. Level of Proficiency: 2

Core Capabilities

  • Accuracy and attention to detail; comprehension of the importance and significance of accuracy and attention to detail; capacity for highly accurate information processing. Level of Proficiency: 3
  • Analytical Thinking; Expertise in analytical methods and tools; Capacity to identify the underlying causes of organizational issues and develop creative solutions that address them in the best interests of the company. Level of Proficiency: 3
  • Team management is the capacity to create and lead productive teams and the knowledge of effective team-building tactics. Level of Proficiency: 3
  • Teamwork, collaboration, and interpersonal relationships; method knowledge and the capacity to collaborate and work constructively with a range of people and organizations. Level of Proficiency: 3
  • information and expertise
  • experience in accounting management for businesses, charities, or accounting firms
  • knowledge of leading a team

Languages, Education, and Certifications

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) or comparable accounting designation

English proficiency, both verbally and in writing


In lieu of submitting a cover letter, interested candidates are encouraged to apply by sending in their CV and answering the questions on the online application. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 9:00am EDT. Applications submitted digitally alone will be considered.

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