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Chief Technical Advisor, Abuja, Nigeria
Organization: UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
Country: Nigeria
City: Abuja
Office: UNDP Abuja

Closing date: Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Job Identification : 16176

Locations : Abuja, Nigeria

Posting Date : 03/05/2024, 12:41 PM

Apply Before : 03/20/2024, 03:59 AM

Job Schedule : Full time

Agency : UNDP

Grade : P5

Vacancy Type : Fixed Term

Practice Area : Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights

Bureau : Regional Bureau for Africa

Contract Duration : 1 Year with Possibility for extension

Education & Work Experience : Master’s Degree -10 year(s) experience OR Bachelor’s Degree – 12 year(s) experience

Required Languages : Proficiency in oral & written English language

Vacancy Timeline

2 Weeks

Mobility required/no mobility

mobility required

Job Description


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are core principles at UNDP: we value diversity as an expression of the multiplicity of nations and cultures where we operate, we foster inclusion as a way of ensuring all personnel are empowered to contribute to our mission, and we ensure equity and fairness in all our actions. Taking a ‘leave no one behind’ approach to our diversity efforts means increasing representation of underserved populations. People who identify as belonging to marginalized or excluded populations are strongly encouraged to apply. Learn more about working at UNDP including our values and inspiring stories.

UNDP does not tolerate sexual exploitation and abuse, any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks.

UNDP has developed a comprehensive Governance, Peace and Security Programme as part of the Country Programme Document 2023 – 2027. The programme seeks to inter alia facilitate: the improvement of public confidence in key institutions of governance, enhances accountability, public sector transparency, security and conflict management, and promote inclusive governance, access to justice and the protection of fundamental rights. Specifically Rule of Law Programming in Nigeria focused around 5 strategic elements: (1) empowering people through inclusive community orientated justice and security (2) supporting responsive and people centered justice and security institutions (3) enabling accountable duty bearers and power holders (4) ensuring evidence based and learning informed policy and programming and (5) convening and coordinating for impact. Cross cutting priorities focus on gender equality: tackling structural obstacle and advancing empowerment of women in leadership and decision making roles; youth engagement: recognizing the important role youth can play in championing the rule of law; innovation: recognizing the role it can play the as the creation and testing of new processes, approaches and technologies to better respond to the complex challenges of inequality, injustice and insecurity and human rights: Protection of human rights is both a goal and a principle that underpins all UNDP programming. It is key for realizing the commitment to leave no one behind (LNOB)

Rule of law programming has been designed adopting a systems level approach, recognizing that components of the GPS programme interact dynamically and have potential reinforcing opportunities. Building on this recognition, the rule of law programming has been designed adopting a systems level approach, recognizing that components of the GPS programme interact dynamically and have potential reinforcing opportunities. Building on this recognition, rule of law programming in Nigeria currently has a focus at both the State and Federal level. For example, in North East Nigeria, output 1 of the Regional Stabilisation Facility (RSF) supports restoration of justice and rule of law services including community security in areas newly liberated from Boko Haram Insurgents. There are also key restorative justice remedies which UNDP supports working with former associates of armed groups and communities affected by the crisis. In North West Nigeria, UNDP is working with the State Governments in enhancing coordination between rule of law and justice actors as well as enhancing access to justice and rule of law service delivery in communities. At the Federal level, UNDP under the leadership of the Government of Nigeria, UNDP has been supporting Police Reform since 2020 engaged in work on policy, accountability, training, and community engagement. The Country Office works closely with the Human Rights Commission on enhancing its accountability role and has recently commenced work with them on business and human rights (BHR)) following the approval of their National Action Plan on BHR.

UNDP Nigeria will strengthen its capacity to be able to scale up its support to rule of law, security and human rights work as part of overall stabilization efforts, as well as, its contribution to strengthening rule of law, access to justice and improved human rights environment, but will also integrate a systems level design in integrating its deployment in strengthening interrelated dimensions within the broader GPS programme.

Position Purpose

The Chief Technical Advisor (CTA), Rule of Law, Justice and Security will work under the supervision of and report to the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Programmes. In close collaboration with UNDP Senior Management and the Team Lead, Governance, Peace and Security (GPS), the CTA shall provide high-level policy advice, internally at UNDP and to the relevant national counterparts, provide programmatic oversight, lead policy advocacy, and liaise with UN Agencies, Government officials, technical advisors and experts, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society in the areas pertaining to the Rule of Law, Justice, Security and Human Rights, critical components of the Governance, Peace and Security portfolio.

S/he will also assume responsibilities for the management of the UNDP Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights portfolio, strategic planning and technical oversight to the strategy and ensure coherence and coordination with programing in the context of the GPS programme, with other relevant UN entities and international partners. The CTA will further assure coordination and close collaboration with UNDP’s HQ and Addis Ababa Regional Hub Units in the respective areas. S/he will perform the quality assurance role for the justice and security projects, ensuring coordinated work-plan development and delivery. S/he will coordinate and further develop Rule of Law, Access to Justice, Security and Human Rights Programming for Nigeria in close consultation with national partners, the DRR Programme, Team Lead, GPS and the programme team. S/he will guide and support resource mobilization for the programme as pertains to the GPS programme.

UNDP adopts a portfolio approach to accommodate changing business needs and leverage linkages across

interventions to achieve its strategic goals. Therefore, UNDP personnel are expected to work across units, functions,

teams, and projects in multidisciplinary teams in order to enhance and enable horizontal collaboration.

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic guidance and advice for the implementation of the country office’s rule of law portfolio focusing on a coordinated approach to access to justice, justice reform; community security, reform of the police, as well as, overall capacity development of rule of law institutions (including judiciary) and actors focusing on achieving the following:

 Oversight and implementation of Country Office rule of law programming including UNDP’s Police Reform Project, engagement with the Nigerian Human Rights Commission (including on BHR) and rule of law initiatives ongoing at the State Level.
 Lead development of new opportunities for rule of law work including at the level of policy and programming. Provide advice on identifying entry points to achieve a mixture of short-term, medium-term and long-term results which produce tangible improvements to restoring basic justice and security functions and improving access to justice and security at local and national level;
 Provide strategic guidance and advice to national justice sector institutions and actors on policy issues; strategic planning, research and monitoring and evaluation, including key performance indicators, strategic plans for various organizations and research into various issues which impact on institutional performance;
 Provide strategic guidance and advice to UNDP Senior management on the ongoing support to the justice and rule of law sector, on strategies and responses to changes in the rule of law area, oversee rule of law programming approach;
 Ensure the integration of cross-cutting issues, such as, gender, peace building, youth and human rights into programme/project design, monitoring and evaluation;
 Ensure that technical work undertaken across projects is adapted to the local context and in line with international good practice; and
 Contribute to building a strong understanding of the political dimension of the rule of law sector to identify the drivers and blockers of change and develop strategies to ensure that project implementation achieves impact.
Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance of the Strategic and Results framework of Rule of law and Access to Justice projects including joint projects and coordinate the day to day management and achieve the following:

 Provide advice and guidance for the strategic planning and the implementation of the programmes/projects under the rule of law portfolio, including joint projects and workplans, ensuring appropriate coordination and integration with the country programme components and stabilization efforts;
 Ensure the results specified in the annual work-plan of the Programmes/Project meet the required standard of quality, in a coordinated way and within the specified constraints of time and cost;
 Coordinate day to day management and guidance of the rule of law, access to justice, security and human rights portfolio;
 Supervise and support the work of the UNDP Project Managers and their teams in the area of responsibility;
 Advise UNDP Country Office on the overall implementation of the Rule of Law and Access to Justice, Security and Human Rights Project and supervise the team accordingly;
 Develop and maintain an effective monitoring and evaluation system of the project and report on progress, including reporting to UNDP, UN entities, development partners and national stakeholders on progress;
 Facilitate and ensure quality assurance of reports including Progress Reports, Financial Reports, Annual Progress Reports, etc. and ensure timely completion of technical reports for the Programme/Project portfolio in the area of responsibility;
 Facilitate and lead the coordination mechanisms put in place with UN entities to ensure coherence and coordination on issues pertaining to rule of law, access to justice, security and human rights.
Resource mobilization and partnerships across the Rule of Law sector (justice, security and human rights) focusing on achievement of the following results:

 Engage in dialogues with development partners and donors, identifying funding opportunities and endeavour to ensure sufficient resource mobilization for the programmes/projects in close consultation with Senior Management and be responsible for reaching the annual resource mobilization targets.
 Support UNDP efforts for resource mobilization for current and envisaged programmes/projects in the rule of law, access to justice, security and human rights portfolio;
 Liaise regularly and forge close linkages with other UN programmes, agencies, funds, as well as, other international and national stakeholders concerns with or providing assistance on justice, access to justice, security and human rights issues.
 Coordinate programme activities with other UNDP initiatives, as well as, other United Nations agencies, donors, and other international partners, to develop inter-agency synergies and build complementarities with other programs; 
 Advocate for UNDP work in the area of responsibility and raise visibility of the Rule of Law Project through knowledge sharing and well -developed communication materials;
 Develop pilot initiatives for functional partnerships between justice and security sector stakeholders and non-governmental organisations, local media and the public;
 Support joint communication efforts.
 Ensure high-quality and timely reporting to donors and other partners involved in the programmes/projects;
 Contribute to harnessing effective partnerships for implementation of UNDP programmes/projects, and promote joint programming, and collaborate effectively in established frameworks for UN and other international coordination.
Strategic engagement in strengthening the GPS portfolio approach focusing on achieving the following result:

 Provide advice and guidance for the strategic examination of GPS pillars, existing initiatives, projects and activities on: options, approaches, learnings from implementation, mechanism for their continued alignment with a systems approach linked to implementation of an effective portfolio of integrated GPS interventions.
 Provide strategic guidance and advice to UNDP Senior management on practice emerging from previous successful GPS component implementation and options for optimizing a GPS integrated portfolio approach for scale and replicability in line with the CPD.
 Provide coordination support on the rule of law portfolio initiatives, partnerships and overall implementation with other UNDP initiatives in the context of a systems approach.
Ensure knowledge management focusing on achieving the following results:

 Identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned from the programme/project area for organizational sharing and learning, as well as, external information;
 Active participation in UNDP knowledge networks and taking advantage of best practices and lessons learned that are available in the region and globally, and encouraging project staff to do so by creating a culture of knowledge sharing and learning;
 Promoting the participation of UNDP Nigeria in regional programmes and regional activities related to the project area as appropriate; and
 Supporting capacity and knowledge building of national counterparts.
The incumbent performs other duties within their functional profile as deemed necessary for the efficient functioning of the Office and the Organisation.


Core Competencies

Achieve Results-LEVEL 4: Prioritize team workflow, mobilize resources, drive scalable results/strategic impact

Think Innovatively-LEVEL 4: Easily navigate complexity, encourage/enable radical innovation, has foresight

Learn Continuously-LEVEL 4: Create systems and processes that enable learning and development for all

Adapt with Agility-LEVEL 4: Proactively initiate/lead organizational change, champion new systems/processes

Act with Determination-LEVEL 4: Able to make difficult decisions in challenging situations, inspire confidence

Engage and Partner-LEVEL 4: Construct strategic multi-partner alliances in high stake situations, foster co-creation

Enable Diversity and Inclusion-LEVEL 4: Create ethical culture, identify/address barriers to inclusion

People Management (Insert below standard sentence if the position has direct reports.)

UNDP People Management Competencies can be found in the dedicated site.

Cross-Functional & Technical Competencies

Business Management-Portfolio Management: Ability to select, prioritize and control the organiizations programmes and projects, in line with its strategic objectives and capacity; ability to balance the implementation of change initiatives and the maintenance of business-as-usual, while optimising return on investment Business Management-Communication: Ability to communicate in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner both through written and verbal communication; to tailor messages and choose communication methods depending on the audience. Ability to manage communications internally and externally, through media, social media and other appropriate channels Business Direction and Strategy-System Thinking: Ability to use objective problem analysis and judgement to understand how interrelated elements coexist within an overall process or system, and to consider how altering one element can impact on other parts of the system Business Management-Results-based Management: Ability to manage programmes and projects with a focus at improved performance and demonstrable results. Business Management-Project Management: Ability to plan, organize, prioritize and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals Partnership Management-Relationship management: Ability to engage with a wide range of public and private partners, build, sustain and/or strengthen working relations, trust and mutual understanding Business Development-UNDP Representation: Ability to represent UNDP and productively share UNDP knowledge and activities; advocate for UNDP, its values, mission and work with various constituencies

Required Skills and Experience


 Master’s degree or equivalent in the areas of Law, Political Science or related discipline is required. Or
 A Bachelor’s degree in combination with an additional two years of qualifying experience will be given due consideration in lieu of the advanced university degree.


 Minimum of 10 years (with masters degree) or 12 years (with bachelors degree) of progressively responsible experience in rule of law, access to justice and democratic development related fields;
 Previous experience in conflict affected areas is an asset;
 Experience in managing and supervising programmes and projects aimed at enhancing rule of law, developing the capacities of the justice sector is desired.
 Experience working with all of the major actors of the justice sector is required;
 Experience of working in a technical advisory, policy development and capacity building is an asset.
 Demonstrated programme management skills including: results-based orientation, preparation of work plans, monitoring and evaluation is desired.
 Experience with UN/UNDP programmes in the area of rule of law, access to justice, security, and stabilization is an asset


 Fluency in English, including excellent writing skills required.
Please note that continuance of appointment beyond the initial 12 months is contingent upon the successful completion of a probationary period.

Note: Please upload copies of your academic qualifications and 3 latest Performance Evaluations (if applicable).


Important information for US Permanent Residents (‘Green Card’ holders)

Under US immigration law, acceptance of a staff position with UNDP, an international organization, may have significant implications for US Permanent Residents. UNDP advises applicants for all professional level posts that they must relinquish their US Permanent Resident status and accept a G-4 visa, or have submitted a valid application for US citizenship prior to commencement of employment.

UNDP is not in a position to provide advice or assistance on applying for US citizenship and therefore applicants are advised to seek the advice of competent immigration lawyers regarding any applications.

Applicant information about UNDP rosters

Note: UNDP reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement. We may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNDP at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and educational requirements.


UNDP has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual exploitation and misconduct, sexual harassment, and abuse of authority. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks, and will be expected to adhere to these standards and principles.

UNDP is an equal opportunity and inclusive employer that does not discriminate based on race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin or other status.

Scam warning

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