Regional MHPSS Coordinator in HUNGARY

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

*Project Management and Capacity Building:Actively supports the day-to-day management of psychosocial support projects in the region, bridging capacity within the IFRC and National Societies for the long-term success of these programmes

Collaborative and Integrated Approach:Promotes a unified and supportive methodology in addressing mental health needs across Europe.

*Collaborates closely with the Emergency Health Coordinator, the Community Health Coordinator, and Operations Managers in crisis-impacted countries to ensure a comprehensive and effective response to mental health and psychosocial support needs in emergencies.

*High-Quality Interventions: Dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality, evidence-informed, and situationally appropriate interventions. The coordinator’s role often involves direct participation in the rollout of MHPSS programs aimed at enhancing health system efficiency and capitalising on the strengths of National Societies.

*Accountability and Community-Centric Strategies: Ensures that all interventions are accountable to the affected populations, with their needs and perspectives at the forefront of program strategies.

Behavioural and Cultural Insights:

 *Provides valuable insights into behavioural and cultural aspects of health within the regional team, enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of health interventions.
Assessment, Planning, and Program Development:

* Comprehensive Regional Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough analyses of the diverse mental health, psychosocial, and protection needs of affected populations in the region.

*National Society Capability Evaluation:Evaluate the capacities, needs, and priorities of National Societies regarding psychosocial support, ensuring tailored support and development.

*Training of Trainers Coordination: Organize and facilitate training programs for trainers, emphasising contextualised approaches and interventions, including psychological first aid and other critical techniques

*Strategy Development with Host National Societies: Partner with National Societies to create tailored psychosocial support strategies, addressing country-specific needs and challenges.
 *Establishment of Support Structures: Collaborate with Host National Societies to develop robust support structures and mechanisms for staff and volunteers.

Capacity Bridging:

 *Supervise and assist delegates and National Societies in relevant areas, enhancing their effectiveness and impact.
* Co-create and quality-assure programs, interventions, strategies, and emergency Plans of Action.
* Aid Host National Societies in crafting psycho-educational messages for various media platforms.

Advocacy and Liaison:

 *Champion the integration of mental health and psychosocial support minimum standards in multi-sectorial settings.
 *Participate actively in mental health and psychosocial support working groups, and relevant humanitarian coordination bodies.
 *Establish and maintain technical working relationships with other agencies, coordinating efforts where necessary.
 *Connect with other Movement partners, fostering strong inter-agency cooperation.
 *Provide regular, timely, and informative reports on activities and progress.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Lateral Relationships:

 Foster strong working relationships with technical and service departments at the Regional and Geneva Secretariat levels, enhancing coordination and effectiveness.
 Incorporate the principles of the Agenda for Renewal into all aspects of professional work and behaviour, aligning with the broader objectives and ethos of the organisation Maintain productive working relationships with the regional health team, ensuring synergy and collaboration.
 Cultivate effective working relationships with National Societies’ technical counterparts and leadership, promoting mutual support and knowledge exchange.

Duties applicable to all staff 1.

Actively work towards the achievement of the IFRC Secretariat’s goals. 2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles.  #Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.



 *Advanced Qualifications in Human Health Science. Degree in a relevant health science field such as medicine, nursing, or psychology, providing a solid foundation in healthcare principles and practices.
 *Post-Graduate Education in MHPSS or equivalent credentials in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), demonstrating advanced knowledge and specialised skills in this critical area.
* Comprehensive training in humanitarian response: Basic Delegate Training Course, IMPACT, or possesses equivalent knowledge.



 7+ years of work experience, in-depth experience in the global humanitarian sector: substantial experience in the global humanitarian landscape, complemented by strong analytical skills and adeptly translating complex analyses into coherent strategies and planning.
* Outstanding track record in managing diverse teams, coupled with well-developed skills in networking, influencing, negotiating, and fostering effective relationships across various levels.
 Solid background in financial management, ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards and efficient handling of financial resources.
 *Expertise in MHPSS project coordination: extensive expertise in the strategic planning, innovative designing, effective managing, and thorough evaluating of several comprehensive psychosocial support programmes, demonstrating a track record of successful implementation and impactful outcomes.

 *Experience with Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies: Demonstrates significant experience working with National Societies, indicating familiarity with their specific operational contexts and requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Languages


# Superior time management skills, with a proven ability to prioritise and execute tasks efficiently within stringent deadlines, ensuring optimal productivity and effective task completion.
# Advanced expertise in computer productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, facilitating streamlined and proficient digital workflows.
 #Exceptional resilience, with a documented history of excelling in high-pressure environments. #Known for maintaining composure and sustained performance levels even under significant stress.
 #Proven track record in adult education specifically tailored to psychosocial support, demonstrating an ability to impart knowledge and skills in this vital area effectively.
# Skilled in applying evidence-based methodologies to understand and address health behaviours, ensuring interventions and strategies are grounded in solid research and best practices.
 #Fluent spoken and written English.

 Good command of another IFRC official language (French, Spanish or Arabic).
 East Slavic language fluency (RUS, UKR, BEL).

Competencies, Values and Comments


Respect for diversity; Integrity; Professionalism; Accountability

Core competencies: Communication; Collaboration and teamwork; Judgement and decision making; National society and customer relations; Creativity and innovation; Building trust.

Functional competencies: Strategic orientation; Building alliances; Leadership; Empowering others.

Managerial competencies: Managing staff performance; Managing staff development


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