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Call Centre Agent, (Consultant), Nigeria

Organization: GiveDirectly

About GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly (GD) provides cash grants directly to people living in extreme poverty. Since launching in 2011, GD has raised over $1B, delivered cash to more than 1.5 million recipients, launched operations in 15 countries, and continues to expand its reach across the Global South. GD has also grown the research base supporting unconditional cash with 20 randomized control trials from its programs, generating rigorous evidence across countries and contexts. As a result, GD has been celebrated as one of the most innovative non-profit companies by Fast Company, while the growing cash transfer movement (and GD’s leading role within it) has been featured in the New York Times Magazine, This American Life, Foreign Affairs, and The Economist.

Across our global offices, our culture is candid, analytical, non-hierarchical, and agile. We work alongside 750+ individuals who come from 21 different countries and speak 69 different languages. Team members at GiveDirectly attest that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords, but a fundamental part of our culture and values. We actively seek to recruit individuals from the communities we serve, and use DEI as a lens in our hiring practices, programs, and initiatives. Our goal is to maintain a workplace where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work, and feel valued and respected for who they are. We strive to be inclusive of all cultures and experiences while upholding our values globally. In the spirit of our “Know Yourself and Grow” value, we recognize there is always room to improve our team’s working experience. But day to day, we aim to “Create Positive Energy” – we take care of one another, have fun, aim to maximize flexibility and accessibility in roles, and pursue professional development opportunities to stay challenged and engaged in our work.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected by law.

Role: Call Centre Agent, Nigeria (Consultant)

The Call Center Agent will play a central role in ensuring that GiveDirectly delivers a gold-standard product to donors and a positive experience to recipients. Call Center staff are responsible for managing GiveDirectly’s contact hotline and for monitoring our recipients after they have received transfers to ensure safe receipt and resolve any resultant challenges. The Call Center Agent will be responsible for ensuring high quality customer service and effective implementation of follow up processes.

The Call Center Agent will carry out and support a variety of activities, including answering recipient calls and following up on any reported issues to deliver GiveDirectly’s cash transfer project. Part of the Agent’s responsibility includes supporting the Associate Field Manager in day-to-day call center operations, including work planning, risk assessment and recipient protection.

GiveDirectly holds highly the value of keeping recipients as the priority of our work and always ensuring recipients are satisfied with how the organization relates with them. The Call Center Agent ensures eligible recipients are safeguarded, their rights are protected and that GiveDirectly is accountable to the populations it serves.

The role will reward high-quality judgment on operational questions and challenges, work ethic, communication skills, and a strong commitment to GiveDirectly’s mission and model. This is a 5-month contract position to start, with the opportunity to extend depending on funding availability and performance. The role will reward exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and organizational skills.

Reports to: Call Centre Manager

Level: Officer

What you’ll do: Manage call-center workflow

Ensure resolution of problems raised by recipients
Maintain high quality customer experience in responding to calls
Be a representative of GiveDirectly with recipients by solving any issues or concerns that may arise
Support GiveDirectly’s fraud and safeguarding processes

Ensure close coordination with the Recipient Safeguarding and Advocacy team to refer any safeguarding or fraud cases
Coordinate with field teams to ensure timely follow up and investigation

What you’ll bring:

Alignment with GiveDirectly Values and active demonstration of our core competencies: emotional intelligence, problem solving, project management, follow-through, and fostering inclusivity. We welcome and strongly encourage applications from candidates who have personal or professional experience in the low-income and/or historically marginalized communities that we serve
Must speak Igala and English. Speaking and understanding of Hausa and Yoruba is an added advantage

Minimum of a diploma or degree in relevant field

Previous working experience in the field with vulnerable communities (1-2 years minimum)
Empathy, honesty, and the highest standards of integrity
Technological literacy – ability to use a laptop and relevant software to accurately record call details
Strong interest in advancing the distinctive values and mission of GiveDirectly
Fluency in local languages and excellent communication skills
Patience and good judgment in resolving recipient problems


At GiveDirectly, we strive to pay our employees generously and equitably. We use an accredited third party salary aggregator to ensure that staff’s total compensation package (base compensation + bonus) falls within the 75th percentile of similar roles, at similar organizations. We also have a no negotiation policy to ensure we are paying staff equitably across roles.
GD Values

Recipients first. We prioritize recipient preferences over donor preferences or our own.

Team Next. We do what is best for the success of the organization – not the individual.

Be proactively candid. We say what we believe and are honest in sharing information.

Create positive energy. We strive to be a source of energy – not drain it – for our colleagues.

Think rigorously. Act Quickly. We are intellectually rigorous and oriented towards action – not debate.

Know yourself and grow. We recognize and accept our imperfections with a focus on growth

Accept reality. Propose solutions. We don’t dwell on problems. We are actively working to create solutions.

Be productively ambitious. We take the risk of pursuing industry-changing successes, not marginal advancements.

Why work at GiveDirectly?

At GiveDirectly, we work to ensure that you have everything you need to excel in your role and on your team, including:

A positive and supportive team with opportunities for advancement
A demonstrated commitment to helping all staff develop and grow
A robust health benefits plan (ect details will vary by country)
Read more about our ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts here and about our decision to move our central support teams to remote first here.

About the hiring process

Format: The hiring process follows the same general outline for all open roles: First interview (30 mins) Take home skills assignment (~2 hours) Second interview (1 hour)* Third interview (1 hour)* Final interview (1 hour) Reference checks (30 mins each)

*For some roles, second and third interviews are combined into a panel interview. If there are adjustments or variations on this process, those changes will be communicated during the first interview.

Venue: We conduct interviews over Google Meet with camera on (unless communicated otherwise).

Accessibility: Closed captioning is available during all Google Meet interviews, and interviewers will also post interview questions in the chat box throughout the call. If you need assistance accessing either of these features, please let your interviewer know at the start of your interview!

We’re committed to running an inclusive and accessible application process for all of our open roles. If there are questions or concerns you have about the accessibility of our hiring process, we warmly invite you to reach out to

**GD is committed to observing all local, national and international laws that protect children, vulnerable adults, and basic human rights of all. GD is committed to a policy of “zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (SEAH)” and expects anyone who works for GD to uphold the protection and safeguarding of our recipients as a priority.**



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