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Deadline is 14th September, 2023 | Head Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development | Addis Ababa | MF


The Mastercard Foundation strives for a society in which everyone is given the chance to grow and develop. The Foundation collaborates with partners through its Young Africa Works strategy and Canadian EleV initiative to ensure that millions of young people, particularly young women, have access to high-quality education, financial services, and respectable employment. When Mastercard became a publicly traded corporation in 2006, it donated generously to create the Mastercard Foundation. The Foundation is autonomous and has a separate CEO and board of directors.

The Foundation’s work

At the Mastercard Foundation, we are in an exciting time as we step up the implementation of the Young Africa Works plan, which aims to give 30 million young people in Africa access to meaningful employment.

We have opened offices in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uganda to make the Foundation accessible to our partners and program participants. Young Africa Works is implemented with significant in-country support from these offices. We work together with governments, businesses, educators, and other funders to improve the standard of education and vocational training, give young people the skills they need for the workforce, increase access to financial services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and make it easier for job seekers to connect with fulfilling employment opportunities.

Our values serve as our guiding principles and are greater than any other factors. We genuinely urge you to approach your work with your audacious ideas, inquisitiveness, and knowledge.

Read on if you’re a seasoned professional in enterprise development or entrepreneurship aiming to make a bigger difference


The Head of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development will oversee operations in Ethiopia and report to the Country Director. S/he will oversee entrepreneurship and enterprise development programs in the country, covering areas like Digital Entrepreneurship, Access to Finance, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Business Development, and Capacity Enhancement. S/he will also design the strategic direction and manage the team to ensure successful delivery of the country roadmap.


  1. Drive the country’s roadmap’s entrepreneurship and enterprise development component.
  2. Give the national entrepreneurship and enterprise development initiatives strategic direction, ensuring that the national aim, national priority, and Foundation working methods are all met.
  3. oversee the implementation of national collaborations and programs focusing on entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
  4. Make that the national program is strategically cohesive, that programming efforts are coordinated, and that information about entrepreneurship and company development is shared.
  5. Manage risks associated with the programming for entrepreneurship and enterprise development and suggest ways to mitigate them.
  6. To advance financial inclusion for the growth of young people and businesses, develop a comprehensive access to finance strategy.
  7. Offer your knowledge in MSME to help the country team plan carefully and implement inclusive access to finance, skill development, capacity building, and market interventions.
  8. Support future and current partners in their efforts to strengthen and/or expand the implementation of inclusive access to financial services.
  9. Engage in dialogue with partners during program design and delivery by sharing your knowledge of the digital economy.
  10. Make sure there is clarity to fully utilize the strength and potential of digital technology as a growing industry to generate employment as well as an enabler to guarantee effectiveness and efficiency.
  11. Create and oversee projects and programs that give young people access to employment opportunities in priority industries.
  12. Maintain communication with important partners, required institutions, and stakeholders.
  13. Organize coordinated gatherings to encourage the exchange of knowledge and lessons learned between program teams and local experts.
  14. For the purpose of strengthening impact-oriented platforms for entrepreneurs and boosting the participation and expansion of Ethiopian youth- and young-women-led businesses, cultivate strong partnerships with federal and regional entrepreneurial communities of entrepreneurs and institutions that support entrepreneurship.
  15. Encourage an innovative and flexible culture that makes it easier to form relationships that have a big impact.
  16. Record learnings and experiences and communicate them to partners and the larger Foundation team via a variety of channels (internally and externally).
  17. When engaging in engagements and conversations, both internally and externally, model and reinforce the Foundation’s values.
  18. The Foundation’s promise to young people can be fulfilled by coaching and empowering direct reports to be effective and efficient.
  19. Decide on priorities and long-term objectives for entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
  20. Align design decisions for programming and partnerships within these areas with the aims and values of the Foundation.
  21. Assume leadership responsibility for the team’s performance management for enterprise development and business partners.
  22. Work together with coworkers from different functions, nations, programs, and levels of senior leadership to deliver and improve the Foundation’s expertise in entrepreneurship and enterprise development.


  • A master’s degree in business administration, economics, entrepreneurship, or a closely related discipline is required.
  • Minimum of fifteen (15) years of experience in the private sector working in business development, entrepreneurship, or a comparable field, with five (5) years of management and team-leading experience.
  • a track record of success in Ethiopia in the fields of entrepreneurship, enterprise development, business development, and related fields.
  • thorough understanding of the employment, job creation, and innovation landscapes in the country
  • a track record of successfully coaching and working with entrepreneurs.
  • a history of starting new projects, preferably in enterprise or business development.
  • a track record of successfully interacting and working with important partners, the media, corporate executives, and other network influencers.
  • experience speaking in front of a group of people, including in front of the media, at conferences. A plus would be formal media training.
  • entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship expertise.
  • Knowledge of Ethiopia’s economy, politics, governmental priorities, and the changing structure of the country’s burgeoning private sector, as demonstrated
  • exposure to systems thinking and the capacity to interact with stakeholders in entrepreneurship and enterprise development to understand their needs and design programming that meets them.
  • substantial awareness of national policy, practices, and priorities; substantial knowledge of important issues, emerging trends, and impediments in the integration of entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
  • Innovative and strategic thinker with excellent persuasive abilities
  • interaction skills with a variety of top stakeholders.
  • demonstrates outstanding time management, prioritization, and attention to detail.
  • Excellent team management and leadership abilities
  • ability to function with ease and great effectiveness in the face of complexity or uncertainty.
  • able to create and develop fresh or original ideas and methods.
  • Flexible, adaptable, agile, and able to carry out a variety of job activities under pressure from competing deadlines and shifting priorities.
  • Proven excellence in communication abilities, including the ability to convey information to a variety of audiences across cultures and to condense complex material and data into understandable written and oral pieces.
  • possess the qualities that best represent the principles of the Foundation, such as flawless honesty, professional maturity, and cultural awareness.
  • You are dedicated to the principles and goals of the Mastercard Foundation.

The application deadline is September 14, 2023.

Your privacy is something that the Mastercard Foundation (“Foundation”) values and respects. You hereby consent to the Foundation’s collection, use, and dissemination of your personal information in line with its Privacy Policy (found at https://mastercardfdn.org/privacy/), which is available upon submission of an application for this opportunity. Please be aware that the Foundation may share your personal information with third parties who assist in recruiting for the Foundation. These third parties may then approach you directly about this opportunity. Please get in touch with the Foundation’s privacy officer at the number listed in its privacy policy if you have any inquiries or concerns.

The Mastercard Foundation is dedicated to establishing and upholding an inclusive and accessible workplace for everyone and cherishes the special talents and experiences that each employee brings to the organization.

Background checks and excellent business references are mandatory requirements for employment.


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