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Deadline: 27 September 2023, field procurement officer, Kampala | IsDB

Field Procurement Officer (IDSB3149)

Business Unit: Complex Operations

Sector: Project Procurement Sector

Type of contract: Fixed-term contract

Job Objective:

Fulfill the Bank’s development responsibilities by performing tasks linked to the planning, carrying out, and overseeing of project procurement-related operations within the regions connected to the Regional Hubs. This position guarantees effective adherence to the procurement criteria for successful project preparation, evaluation, implementation, and completion in the designated nations. Participate in the creation of policies, strategies, and the strengthening of capacity in the area of project procurement.

Important Responsibilities (not a full list):

Policies, practices, and procedures

  • Make that the rules and processes are applied effectively in accordance with the Bank’s procurement guidelines.
  • By way of the Operations Team Leader (OTL), give technical guidance to the beneficiary project teams during the creation of project procurement plans.
  • Develop procurement rules and procedures while taking into account the needs of Member Countries, IsDB Group priorities, and industry best practices.

Management of project procurement

  • Extend the facilitation and implementation of project procurement Support for enhancing the quality of the project’s entire management and delivery at the beginning, during implementation, and at the conclusion.
  • Support the risk assessment of projects in accordance with the Procurement Guidelines and keep in touch with the parties involved to ensure that appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place.
  • Assistance with the development of project concept notes, project preparation, and project appraisal in order to offer the necessary procurement recommendations.
  • Organize project launch workshops, hold staff briefings, and offer the Country portfolios the assistance they require.
  • review and approval of procurement documents (such as RFPs, BDs, PQDs, EoLs, GPNs, and SPNs) that have been provided by beneficiaries to make sure they are in conformity with IsDB requirements.

Customer service:

In order to provide the bank’s needed standards of service in all contacts with stakeholders, you can help resolve procurement concerns from various stakeholders, including those linked to inputs in complaints processing in accordance with the rules.

Capacity Building

Organize and prepare specialized workshops on project procurement rules and processes in accordance with the IsDB’s procurement guidelines, both internally and externally, to assist in the capacity development of important stakeholders.


Participate in the creation of the Project Procurement Audit Reports, Country Procurement Assessment Reports, and Country Portfolio Performance Reviews.

To ensure that interested parties are continuously updated on project operations, prepare quarterly briefs on procurement-related concerns.

Task Requirements:

Educational background and professional experience:

  • an engineering or related subject bachelor’s degree.
  • It would be preferable if you had procurement or purchasing certification.
  • a minimum of five years of experience in a multilateral industry in project procurement.


  • English (Required)
  • French is required.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

  • Additionally to speaking the required regional hub languages, proficiency in English is a must.
  • familiarity with MDB’s public procurement.
  • Knowledge of country procurement
  • Country Portfolio Evaluation
  • Project Risk Evaluation
  • Policies and procedures for purchasing
  • Skills in project management
  • Management of stakeholders.


Regional Center Uganda’s Kampala

Travel necessities:

20% or perhaps more, depending on the situation

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