Coordinator of IT Dahab, Egypt


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Protect company assets by adhering to all company regulations and procedures. Attend to the demands of the visitors. Utilizing technological gadgets, staff can exchange information. Create and preserve a positive working environment with others.

To troubleshoot and fix technical difficulties with computer hardware, software, internet access, and peripherals, collaborate with other IT staff members. Contact vendors or technicians about significant issues or faulty products. In response to software error notifications, either identify and fix issues or stop the program. On the computer and any auxiliary devices, enter commands and turn on controls. examine, test, and identify computer hardware and software. Keep track of all your technological equipment. maintain server systems, supporting software, and computer networks. assistance for network communications. Maintain and update website technical architecture, software, and hardware linked to hardware and telecommunication connectivity. Make system backups. Support the end user. To maintain privacy and appropriate use, manage user accounts, including password creation, deletion, and reset. Installing, setting up, and changing workstations. Modify workstations by setting up printers, docking stations, desktop PCs, laptops, and connections. To investigate and fix issues or to offer technical support and help, read technical manuals, speak with users, or run computer diagnostics. Secure all backup tapes, as well as the phone and computer rooms. Inform users of the steps necessary to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Without help, move, lift, carry, push, pull, and position objects weighing no more than or equal to 10 pounds. carry out additional, comprehensible tasks as directed by managers.

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Job Reference Number 23070949
Employment Type Information Technology
Date Posted: 4/14/2023, 12:35
Job Schedule Permanent
Dahab, Egypt, PO Box 2
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